Make the ‘Happy New Year!’ wish come true for you?

I took the garbage out this morning. It was really cold… I was shivering.

The guy across the street yelled to me: Happy New Year… and I responded in kind… But these good wished are nothing but wishful thinking: your word won’t make it happen. You wanting the New Year to be happy won’t do it for you… unless something changes… something fundamental… like your word will start to have power.

Because, at present, it has no power, or not much… instead your emotions control what you do, not your words.

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What’s your Silver bullet? and being a clearing to be conned

Silver bullet 1… and being a clearing to be conned

In this article, as I usually do, I go deep into the recesses of your person… and dig out important information so you can regain your control over you life, and start moving in the direction you envision for yourself… or ignore what I am saying, and be like a boat that is directed by the undertow….

As you can learn from the “Feelings: the need for a new science” book, humans have a lot of needs. But humans can be manipulated… and they are.

One of these needs, the need for security, the need to be sure, the need to not make a mistake, the need to feel good (these sound like they are different needs, but they are the same need) has been manipulated into one of the most dominant needs that tells us what to do, tells you what is most important.

I see this all the time with my clients and students. They ultimately want to hand over their decision making to me… because decision making is fraught with the risk of making wrong steps… and that goes against that need to feel good.

… or if not that, they are trying to “suck up to me” to make me believe that they really really really, but really want to do the right thing, are doing the right thing, but the results prove the opposite. Continue reading “What’s your Silver bullet? and being a clearing to be conned”