I don’t think you understand how humans are ‘designed’!

You are born with potentials but no skills. Even breathing is a skill you need to learn.

Skills are the atoms of actions. Each action, like a molecule is built of atoms, each activity is made of parts that we call skills. Some actions are complex, others are quite simple… mirroring the diversity of the physical reality.

Atoms are building blocks… If you don’t have atoms, you can’t build anything… If you don’t have skills you can’t build actions. No actions… no success… And no good life.

No food, no money, no paper, no house, no life…

And yet… you are trying to build a life without the building blocks… because… Yeah, why?

Why you don’t have many skills? Why don’t you get busy developing skills… gathering skills? Why don’t you fill your ingredient box, your pantry, your tool box with what you may need for the good life?

Why are you waiting for opportunities to start learning anything? Why are you looking for your life’s purpose before you’d do anything?

Because you think it is a waste of time to dig a well, unless you are already thirsty.

I could say that this is true about every person I encounter online, but I would be lying. I have met so far 10 people for whom it wasn’t true… 10 out of thousands.

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