What is missing? Capacity, capability, skill, knowledge?

capacity capabilityThis story begins with my willingness to be vivisected… and be been seen in the worst light. To see what is missing: capacity, capability, skill, or knowledge.

I have known that certain things are not just difficult for me… they are impossible. I can’t wrap my mind around them.

I first noticed it at University. I am an architect by training and building anything has a certain order of things, or they won’t work.

Putting things in order, this comes first, this comes second, this comes third… sounds easy… for me it is impossible. Continue reading “What is missing? Capacity, capability, skill, knowledge?”

Skill? Talking about flying isn’t…

this is a skillet...Talking about flying isn’t. Everyone can talk about flying, but only flying is flying… and most people who talk about flying are giving lip service to flying. It takes real skill to fly… Bummer, eh?

Most every course, workshop, book, workbook, even one-on-one coaching, consulting, leave you with no skills. They teach you knowledge… about. Information. Having an idea about how to do something, maybe some even do it for you, but guess what? Next time you need to do something, or something changes, you are sh!t out of luck: you have to hire them again.

My goal has always been to leave you with all the power, and having the skill to do what you need to do is having all the power. Continue reading “Skill? Talking about flying isn’t…”