You got bigger problems than I can solve, and you best move on

My estimate is that this global epidemic came just at the right time to show you that you have been swimming naked.

About 99% of humanity.

My students are not exceptions to this. The only difference, as far as I can see, is they took heed from me… on a Talk to me webinar a week ago, and some of them at least are using this time to double up on becoming worth a damn and be able to become more in spite of the trouble the world is in. Thank you for that, guys.

You have no skills, you are depending on bosses, depending on someone else provide you with a livelihood. Continue reading “You got bigger problems than I can solve, and you best move on”

How to get out of the rut you are in?

 Simple answer: You lack skills and capacities… You can boil water, make coffee in the coffee maker, drive a car, open your smartphone… You are not quite hopeless… or are you? Not quite hapless either… or are you? 1

If you remember, my passion, my purpose, my reason d’etre is to penetrate the invisible portion of all knowledge. It gives me joy, and it keeps me busy.

One of the tools I use to do my “work” is the ability to see what I feel. See its size, nature, movement, and its connections to other things. I am an empath and I am (I hate the word) a clairsensar, which means what I just said… I see what I feel… blah blah blah. Continue reading “How to get out of the rut you are in?”

How to gain an unfair advantage in life?

Here is another reason you want to learn as many skills as you can: in today’s competitive environment, with eight billion people, it is hard to stand out.

Knowledge means money… depending on what knowledge. Ignorance means poverty.

“Success isn’t about being perceived as the best at what you do. It’s about being perceived as the only one who does what you do.”

Now, that is a tall order, and yet you want to get as close to that idea as you can… being the only one who does what you do.

So how is that possible? By coloring over the lines.

Everyone can have one thing they do well. Many people do two things well.

Few people think of combining what they do well into a unique skill-set. They have the mindset of either/or… doing either one or the other.
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When all your efforts result in no learning

“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

I had a conversation yesterday with one of my clients, and as it is predictable in many conversations, weight came up.

Weight is a universal source of grief, effort, disappointment, and self-hate.

But why would that be so?

I can recall, in my life, four “campaigns” to regain control over my body.

The most recent one is successful and is going to last. The previous ones included one or two elements that were not sustainable. for example the first time I was on a starvation diet, and I maintained it for 10 years, until I came to the United States, where the plenty beat me on my a**. Continue reading “When all your efforts result in no learning”

Let’s build a high vibration person

Let’s build a high vibration person… let’s build a skill, let’s build some skills

I am starting a new series that also shows a new direction I am taking my teaching/coaching practice.

The new direction is skill-building.

Obviously, if you are like most people, you have no idea what a skill is. You may say some inane things, but you still don’t know. Even if you read the “what color is your parachute” famous book that has been published and every year for 48 years, with over ten million copies sold.

I have taught it. I have lead the workshop. And I can safely tell you that in all those years, there wasn’t one person who learned from me, or from the book what a skill really is, and then develop skills that would take them far on the job market.

Why? Because skill is part of the invisible world.

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What does skill-building do to you, beyond building skills?

I realized today that I am still at the beginning phases of my “entrepreneurial” journey… meaning: I am not a seasoned entrepreneur.

Why that would be, you ask?

Today I had an insight. Everyone talks about knowing, maybe even knowing how to do something, but hardly anyone talks about building skills, the building blocks of a successful life.

There is a what to do… and then there is a how to do it… and they all look magical and at least foggy for most people…

There are so many how’s that I can promise you it takes years of diligent doing projects one after the other, with help, before you’ll get any good at it.

Here is an embarrassing example: I have been making my own capsules of supplements… I buy empty capsules and fill them with whatever I want to take. Continue reading “What does skill-building do to you, beyond building skills?”