Pinpoint accuracy or shotgun method?

There are really two types of people when it comes to making more money: one group will chase the mirage, the lottery approach, winning, betting on schemes… and the other, the tiny group that sees that making more money is a natural fallout of becoming worth a damn. 1

I am interested in talking to the second group, the tiny group.

You see, knowing that you should become worth a damn is nice and dandy… but knowing with pinpoint accuracy where you aren’t… what it is that you need to do next to increase your worth a damn factor is crucial.

Life is holographic. Maybe it is the Universe… but who am I to just repeat something I heard… I don’t know about the Universe. But I do know about Life. Continue reading “Pinpoint accuracy or shotgun method?”

Can you find solutions to your health issues by googling?

let me measure your vibration If you have problems with your hair, your scalp, or with your skin, your teeth, you can research the internet for hours.

And you’ll end up with a serious case of “learned helplessness” where you see that in a field where no one has the answer is all you can do is throw your hands up, or try everything and its opposite. All that knowledge will victimize you…

This could also apply to poor sleep, digestive issues, or lack of energy. Continue reading “Can you find solutions to your health issues by googling?”

Pimples, acne, and other unsightly or itchy skin troubles

take-cold-showersHumans, are smarter than animals. On the other hand, they are ignoring their cellular intelligence… that has as much knowledge as their mind.

Animal species have survived because they adapted to circumstances, and because only the strongest specimen of each species was allowed to multiply.

Let’s talk about adaptation.

It’s 94 degrees in Syracuse today, and I don’t have air conditioner.

So how do I survive? How am I well regardless of the circumstances?
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Correction or fix? When are they the same? or how to become an intelligent consumer?

bandaidI am a people watcher. I watch what they do, I watch the emotions underlying the behavior… the hidden stuff.

Even people whose life philosophy is to help people take missteps into the arena to offering fixes. But for most practitioners it’s a pretense thinly veiling that they are in business to make money…

What is the difference between fixing and correction?

It is not easy to see if something is a fix or if it is a correction.