Want higher vibration? Here is what to expect…

dodgem: low vibration horizontal plane
The names ‘vibration’ or vibrational frequency are a total misnomer.

Vibration is an indicator of your relationship to life, to other people and to yourself. It’s an indicator of where you are looking from. It’s an indicator of what you see. Feelings, energy, success are a fallout from those.
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Updated: The secret of being able to change, and be reborn with a higher frequency

becoming independent from society's pullThe original of this article was published a year ago… I have added new insights today

The secret of my being able to change, and be reborn with a higher frequency, a higher vibration, is that I have been able to keep in check the societal imperative to care about other people more than I care about myself. And in addition to that, I have been able to admit to myself all the errors of my ways that I can see. So I don’t even want to look good to myself. I am willing to accept myself, warts and all… for all I am and for all I am lacking.

This comes with giving up the emotional impact of others view of me, of others opinion of me, of others praise or hate of me, and my opinion of me… especially when I make a mistake, a false step, or when I make a fool of myself.

This attachment to opinions needs to be actively given up: no epigenetic shift, no transformation, no energy remedy will make these opinions neutral: we do live in a society, and others opinion of you and your products determines your money: and your money determines whether you eat, be sheltered, have leisure time, and a lot more. And your own opinion about yourself will determine whether you are going to play fully… or shrink.

So opinions are important, but they are not important emotionally.

Fear is emotional. Careful, thoughtful pro-action is not.

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I had a few interesting client interactions today plus epigenetics

achievement-unlockedI have gleaned quite come new information about people who become my clients.

–Client #1: energy teacher, practitioner.

Has been paying me for years to do work on him. This time I did work on him, on his ex, and am waiting for payment to work on some of his associates.

It doesn’t even occur to him to work on being a co-creator: he is either believing in my power to do it for him, or he doesn’t believe in it…

My hunch is that he, secretly, knows that what he does is ineffective, and by the same token he is sure, secretly, that what I do is ineffective.

Reminds me of money gurus, or law of attraction gurus: big boys club support each other: each benefit equally by throwing dust in the unsuspecting “plebs” eyes.
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Soul Correction actions series Part 1

soul-correction-pendantWhat are the typical small actions that are missing in different soulcorrections…

As I have been saying, raising your vibration happens through small constructive actions.

We could also say: raising your vibration happens through doing, effectively, the soul’s work.

The Soul is the part of you that is interested in you becoming an expanding human being who contributes to the Light, instead of the Dark Side, aka Evil.

Each soulcorrection is centered around one aspect of Desire to receive for the Self Alone, which is another name for Evil.
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The most instructional movie to illustrate consciousness awakening

that look is the first look of awakening consciousnessIn this movie, a man, unconscious of himself, his actions, of anything about himself, starts to hear his life narrated in his head (the Observer or the Witness), and starts living his life from that perspective, outside of his body, outside of his mind.

The movie is brilliant. Stranger than fiction. It stars Will Farrell, and Will Farrel could be you.

Now, here is a clue about you: how you will read this article can tell you everything about you.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

  • It will tell you your future more reliably than anything else you could hear or read.
  • It will tell you your level of intelligence.
  • It will tell you what you can hope to get out of my products, my courses, my work. Reliably.

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Updated: Lots of small miracles — a miraculous life

barbershop-poleSometimes you only know where your “therefore’s” were when you are on the other side of it.

But even then, unless you are awake and aware, you won’t witness the small miracle… And you know, anything that is not witnessed: it is like it never happened. You don’t learn from it, you don’t grow from it, you don’t actually change from it. It is like a flash in the pan… a storm blown over… like so what… Which means: you wasted your money, and you are actually wasting your life.

I am definitely conscious of the small miracles I create, the small miracles of my own doing. I don’t worry or even count good things happening to me, or even bad things happening to me. Unless I caused it… it won’t even show up on my radar.

I know most of you have been trained to be victims of good things… but victims nevertheless. Unless you start to pay attention to things you cause, you are going to remain a victim.
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