Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…

Going from smart to intelligent…

In this article I am biting off more than I can chew… So it will probably make more sense to people who are in my programs, and will make sense once I learn how to speak/write it coherently. 1I was just checking what the dictionary (Tree of Knowledge says about intelligent vs. smart. Turns out that probably intentionally, just to make you less intelligent, lol, not funny, they use the two terms opposite of what they actually measure.

here is just one of the definitions on the internet:

  • The difference between smartness and intelligence is mainly behavioral. (truth value of this statement: 20%.)
  • While an intelligent person can be smart, a smart person may not be intelligent. (truth value of this statement: 80%.)
  • Intelligence means the ability to acquire information rather rapidly. (truth value of this statement: 30%.)
  • Intelligence is a trait a person has since birth. (truth value of this statement: 10%.)

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You cannot solve a problem that is not real

We all have moments of brilliance and hours of stupidity, or some version of “not brilliant”

Some people take it in stride… this is how it is, no matter who you are. Einstein had moments of brilliance… and hours, days of stupidity too.

If life were not like that, brilliant/stupid alternating, there would be no life on the planet… we would all die of exhaustion.

Brilliance is not the only “peak experience” we all crave and wand to keep around all the time. So we are with pretty, and nice, and helpful, and all the other made up “solutions” to our failings… And, as I have said before, every solution is the beginning of a bigger problem.

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Why you go for more knowledge, more and more and more…

I just finished reading a book, a NY times bestseller.

In it a scientist discovers two life enhancing treatments: one makes you smarter, the other makes you live longer.

People go crazy to live longer, and don’t care to get smarter. 1As I am looking to find some good pictures to illustrate this article, I am finding that people have NO IDEA what it is, or what it would look like to be smarter. So they don’t even go there. Continue reading “Why you go for more knowledge, more and more and more…”