What is the purpose of Life for you? Not YOUR purpose… LIFE’s purpose FOR you?

your-daily-routineI stumbled on this meme this morning. It is still a little dark outside, and I am still a little sleepy… so I am going to follow this meme, down the rabbit hole… wherever it takes… hm.

The full quote is from a book: Today Matters…

How would you describe your life? Are you achieving what you desire? Are you accomplishing the things that are important to you? Do you consider yourself a success? How do your prospects look for the future?

If I could come to your house and spend just one day with you, I would be able to tell whether or not you will be successful. You could pick the day. If I got up with you in the morning and went through the day with you, watching you for 24 hours, I could tell in what direction your life is headed.
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Atheists are the most spiritual…

demotivation.us_Religion-is-for-people-who-are-afraid-of-going-to-hell.-Spirituality-is-for-those-who-have-already-been-there_138262858294I have a friend who I call a few times a year, and then we talk a lot for a few weeks, and then not for months at a clip.

I’ve called him the other day, and now we are talking again.

Today he asked me a question that put me in touch with something I buried deep…

He asked me “What is Energized Water?”

I wanted to find out what he thinks energized water is. And that conversation lead from the pristine spring he got his drinking water from when he was a kid, through the hot springs of Lourdes, the healing waters, to a realization, that because I am an atheist, I have been not allowing myself to be moved.

I wrote notes while we spoke. This is what I wrote…
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Dark Side Suggestions: How I Took The Bait And Almost Killed My Site

dark side suggestions What’s happening on yourvibration.com

By now you should be used to this: I screwed up. lol

By the way, most people screw up, but they won’t admit it. Given my soul correction, it is very important that I do.

I have been so inundated with Dark Side attacks, minimum six hours a day, suggesting – through feelings – that I should quit, die, give up, etc… I am not very surprised that I have made a mistake.

When you get “guidance” it often comes from the Dark Side. You need to muscle test while connected to Source. When you are not connected, the results of the muscle test come mostly from the Dark Side.

For about a week I did everything seemingly from my own head, and I didn’t muscle test. Unfortunately no one woke me up, not even some self-proclaimed marketers: it had to be reality that woke me up… that is always the worst. Lol

In these two weeks the number of visitors went down by 99%. It means instead of hundreds, there have been only tens. 9 today…

That is not what I had in MIND when I made the changes!
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