What is the keystone that holds together your life? Invisible to you…

I have a next door neighbor who feels miserable most of the time. As an empath I am forced to feel it. No escape. Can’t cloak myself, can’t shield myself.

Yesterday, at 10 am she went into massive fear mode… So I had the idea to test if I can use the Heaven on Earth to ease her distress. I downloaded and pushed Heaven on Earth, the energies, across the two driveways to her, and it eased her misery considerably. To bearable level.

But then, a few hours later, she had a new wave of misery… this time it was anxiety… so I asked Source “what’s wrong with her that she has so many bad feeling for so much of her day?”

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How a collage is a diagnostic tool


the field of admirer-admired collage“What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?” French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan posed that question. I invite you to put it at the top of your list of hot topics to meditate on. In doing so, I trust you won’t use it as an excuse to disparage your companions for their inadequacies. Rather, I hope it will mobilize you to supercharge your intimate alliances; to deepen your awareness of the synergistic beauty you could create together; to heighten your ability to be given the universe by those whose fates are interwoven with yours.

In the current live course, from Upset to Communication we have come to the last of the four non-elevated fields of communication, Admirer-admired. My horoscope, above, for the coming week reflects that.

One of my students has already sent me her collage. It has given me a glimpse into her internal conversations that is deeper than I have ever seen… and I have known her for almost six years now.

Collages, where you go through pictures in magazines, or memes on the internet, are the best way to reveal to yourself your relationship, opinion, attitude about the world, about others, about yourself, about effort, ambition, etc.

Making collages has two parts:
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Without strategy your knowledge is useless, and even your actions are ineffective


I am doing the 67 steps program… not once, but with every student of mine…

This article is a revelation to me. It’s on the importance of strategy, through what I see about myself and about all of us underachievers. It’s a long article, and slightly disheveled… please forgive the meandering.

I’ve started to get up early in November of last year.

I have noticed on myself that this step (Poor man/rich men) made me look if I am really into growing, or if I am secretly holding back…

How interesting… I have a lot more time, but I am not doing much with it.

My life isn’t getting better, and I am not doing anything about it. How come, I wonder.

So I start reading the 67-day participants messages, and it is getting clearer.

I have not set any targets, and I therefore don’t need a strategy. 1

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The distinction between behavior and ability… doing and being

self-trustA new student of mine writes:

I think self trust is a big challenge for me, and building self trust is necessary as a foundation before I can trust others and build authentic relationships. I gain self trust by genuinely provide value and service to others. There is no short cut in gaining self trust and trust from others, and I need to build my skills and deliver my value solidly step by step, like building from the ground up to a skyscraper.

In my current choice in career path between the two opportunities, the important thing to consider is not what job it is, but rather which job allows me to use my skills to provide value to others in a solid way. I want to start afresh on a solid ground by being genuine in what I can contribute, and no more pretending that I like it or I am capable of doing the job while I don’t know what exactly I am doing.

I muscle test if he has the ability for self-trust active, and the answer is “no”.

His entire speech is a true reflection of our culture that ignores capacities.

Why? Because we live in a society that denies DNA differences between people, let they’d call you racist… but accepts and validates fight, killing, war, between religious beliefs, between different political parties… what a world we live in.
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What holds you back in life?

what-holds-you-back-2We are having a sticking point in my classes 1 : people seem to be understanding what there is to understand while they are in class, but completely forget it, and never use it. By the time the next class rolls around, it is all gone, forgotten.

Last night I gave a homework to every person: come back next session and tell me, prove it to me, whether I am a good teacher or a bad teacher.

It’s a risky move, because given the results, not much, it is predictable that people will go to one or all of the following places:
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What’s Missing In Teachings That Most People Can’t Get Any Results? Fraud? Deception? Blindness?

no money, no love Why is it that once really effective, brilliant, and spot on spiritual and transformational teachers are not able to come up with technologies and distinctions that would transform the participants in their courses into accomplishing, fulfilled, and satisfied mavens? Why is that?

I had some unexpected glimpses into this today, and I am going to share them as fast as I can, before they disappear for me.

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