Why I am not interested in healing, but very interested in getting you well?

Healing should mean “getting you well”, and on the 13th floor of your being: it is.

But humanity lives on the 14th and the 15th floor… the Tree of Knowledge, and there healing means something entirely different. It means that someone who is a “healer” does woowoo and then whatever was bothering you goes away.

Not going to happen. But people are seeking healing, want to be healers, so I am changing the words… and of course a ton of people who this way can keep on dreaming.

I changed my site’s heading from healing to “getting you well” and the quality of the people changed DRAMATICALLY! Who would have thought? I was guided to change… but I surely didn’t expect that I was going to rid myself of the wannabe’s and the secondhanders.

The words sound similar, but the meaning, the emotional meaning in today’s “culture” is vastly different.

The only thing that can heal your body is your body itself.
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Want to find your self? Express it? Be true to it? Be motivated by it?

brett-wilson-find-yourself-and-be-thatI started to read the book by Edward Deci, “Why we do what we do. Understanding self-motivation”.

This is the first book, that I know, that defines self the way, or similarly the way I do…

To become a person, to have autonomy, self-determination, self-expression, integrity, self-motivation, the most important job is to find the self, by distinguishing what is the driver of all your actions, whether it is inner or outer.

And if it is inner… is it the self, or is it the “not-self”?

Greed, narcissism, hate… area inner motivators, but they are all the not-self. So are all the “negative” emotions, like frustration, haste, the desire to fix, to punish, to suffer… etc. Continue reading “Want to find your self? Express it? Be true to it? Be motivated by it?”

Tools to remove Dark Side attachments yourself

sorcerer-overloadThis article gives you some tools that you can use to remove the Dark Side attachments you unwittingly gathered through curiosity, greed, or desire to heal. If I refused to remove your attachments, this is what I can offer to you, for now. If you can’t afford my services to remove you attachments, this is also your path.

From time to time I am approached by people that I know are dangerous. Some are unconscious of the danger they pose… they are like zombies… operated by a power greater than themselves: an evil and dark power.

How did that happen? They find themselves attracted to weird stuff… energies, spells, curses, rituals, magical, magik.

The attraction comes from weakness. And the weakness gets exploited.

Thousands of weak sorcerer wannabees walk around the planet, all enslaved by killer energies. Many come to me to curse me or ask for help.
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Spells, curses, spell casting, spellworking… WTF?

black_magic_hex_removal_spellIf you read my horror story about Ayahausca, you know that the number of attachments on people were in the 30’s, and the type were spells… killing spells.

Even I got a bunch, because I didn’t cloak myself… Now I do. I got curious about spells… I am an educated woman, and spells belong to the uneducated and imaginative… My opinion strictly. I mean wanting spells, “getting” spells, and such. I am not necessarily talking about the witches, at least not all of them.

Compared to these witches and sorcerers, shamans, and other showy practitioners, I am a lame housewife, a pedestrian… sitting in my underwear by the computer, connect, find and grab the attachment with my hands, and pull until there is no more… No poetry, no drama, no formidable… lol. No magik.
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