Talk back to me: How long will it take to raise my vibration to 395?

Question: People ask me: how long should I plan that my vibration rises to 395? Do you have a plan that will allow me to do that in two months?

Answer: This is the type of questions I get regularly. The question belies the world view that we live in a two plus two equals four Universe.

“Plan your work and work your plan.”

  • I do not share that world view.
  • I do not believe that cause and effect is linear and you can even detect the why of things happening.
  • If we could plan, do and bank on the results, then there would be a lot of vibration 395’s would be running around. At the moment there are only four people with or above that vibration on Planet Earth.

Are you disappointed? Did you REALLY think that running some high energy audios will transform you into a sage? A mystic?

My most successful student, at the moment hovers between 360 and 370 in her vibration. She has been doing the work with me since October of 2011.
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Why Should I Have To… They Should Just Give It To Me…

Do you have this attitude? It sounds something like this: why should I have to work so hard, pay attention, ask for it, earn it, dress up, look good, do well, get a degree, read that book, do my homework… they should just give it to me, because I am pretty, I was good last week, I am already tired…

I got lucky today. I have been playing the Self-discipline activator, and it must work wider than that, or maybe this is the point, but my awareness is over the top. I notice stuff about myself that never knew I had.

This is how I caught this attitude, the killer of all results, and the genesis of a lot of grumpy, disgruntled people’s anger.

I knew about one aspect of it for a long time. As a business woman I have had this attitude that people should just buy from me because my product is good, without me having to tell them it’s good, without me having to sell it.

It never worked, of course. But I thought that I was over it.

But core issues have a way of shape-shifting, and coming back dressed so different, you don’t recognize it’s the same issue. Or they go underground.
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