Want to Beat Fear? Here is your Secret: Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous

beat fear with love. because of great love one is courageousBeat fear? Beat it with love…

Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous (Lao Tzu)

I have an exploratory course. It’s called HeartConnection Meditation.

The goal was to get to a combination of methods to awaken courage.

What we, human beings, experience when courage is needed is fear. And we concentrate on the fear, either by talking about it, or by hiding it. But either way it occupies our entire field of (inner) vision.

When I ask a student what it is that they have the biggest issue with, they say fear.

So I asked the Creator what was the Seat of Courage, and I got the surprising answer: the heart. Continue reading “Want to Beat Fear? Here is your Secret: Because Of Great Love One Is Courageous”

Who is your soul-mate? Are they nice-nice, or accepting?

One of my students is asking a really good question.

She has two friends whose soulcorrection is Forget Thyself… and she has a good relationship with me… and I have that same soulcorrection.

She asks:

Sophie, after I read your last article I checked my last 2 friends’ soulcorrections. My one friend who pushed me to a certain level had a soulcorrection Forget Thyself. My friend now, whom I met this year, also has a soulcorrection Forget Thyself. Interesting. Do we get attracted to certain soulcorrections or maybe we get along better with some soulcorrections that matches our soulcorrection?

The answer is not that simple.

  • We know that we have two selves. One self doesn’t change. We can call it the soul. Or the Self. Or whatever you want to call it, it is unchanging. It is the same in you, it is the same in me… it is, maybe, the Self of what’s possible for the human species…
  • Obviously your other self is far from that, it is changing, it is reactive, put together, selfish, and complaining, and haughty, and bossy… all the things you see everywhere.

You are BEING that other self. Continue reading “Who is your soul-mate? Are they nice-nice, or accepting?”

Opinion? How should you hear what someone says?

What is the difference between an opinion 1 and an assessment, an observation, a statement, a theory, a hypothesis?

Many people use one word for many different things…

I have this “friend” who climbs the same steps I climb, except that he climbs it seven times each time, I climb it once or twice. He is a little younger than me.

I am fond of him: he is one of the handful of people I regularly talk to, eye to eye.

I often walk with him as he walks home: I guess I am hungry for human companionship: 10-20 minutes at a clip. Continue reading “Opinion? How should you hear what someone says?”

The Wise, the Foolish, and the Evil test

necessary-endingsThe personality test that tells you if you can grow, and if you can benefit from working with me.

I have been at my wits’ end for years now.

Today I found out what was missing…

Remember the wise saying: when something is not working, there is something you don’t know.

More often than not, what you don’t know is a distinction… and it was definitely true in my case.

I have been making the mistake of coaching and dealing with my people as if they were me… like me… similar to me.

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The most difficult capacity to master brings the most benefits… of course

validation invalidation bilocation capacityAccording to Malcolm Gladwell: life skills, social skills, winning skills you learn through living with people who use them.

My mother didn’t have them, and my brothers, especially my younger brother didn’t get them…

I did get some from my father: my father came from deep… his mother died of starvation, he was bounced between families, autodidact: getting an education without going to school, walking from one country to the other to save his skin…

I didn’t see any of that. What I saw was him spending almost all his time writing or reading, and advancing himself.

Others, the rest of the family, could watch senseless TV… he wasn’t pulled by that: he knew what he wanted, and it seems that he knew that TV won’t get him there.

If you ever wondered how come I could pull myself away from family and society’s pleasures: I saw it done, and I knew it can be done. I never saw that my father suffered any ill effects from it. 1
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What Is The Difference Between A Highly Intelligent Person And A ‘Normal’ Person? Can Intelligence Be Activated?

unconditional love allows you to break the chains that keep you down, keep you a slave

Does the intelligent person have more brain cells?

The difference is to what degree they use what they have. Or how they use it… or for what…

It is said, that most people use 2-3 percent of their brain. That statement is not entirely true, they use more, but not for thinking.

The rest of the brain is used for fear based negative thoughts. Or to mill water… Ponder stuff that doesn’t matter, fret, worry, explain in your head… yeah, the stuff your mind is busy with.
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Soul Correction and sexuality

Soul Correction and sexuality

This topic is just beginning to emerge for me, so expect some changes, and wild turns, and summary statements reversed… but yet it is worth exploring, it is worth to take this winding road to discover the connection, and do some soul-searching as to what I really hold true, and also to meditate what the “Original Design” holds as ideal blueprint for a human… Big task, but I am up or it.

I am going to examine it through three soulcorrection archetypes, for now, Forget Thyself, (34) Soul Mates, (28) and Sexual Energy (35).

I am starting to see enough of these to be able to say something that may make a difference. I am also tempted to pull in “Speak Your Mind” (25)… we’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

OK, let’s begin… big sigh, fear, oh, what the heck, the worst can ever be is the article won’t be publishable, lol.

OK, First let’s look what’s this sexual energy is… well, from its name it should be clear: it is an energy. It is a drive.
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Vibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: Energizing Your Water, Kute Blackson, And On Emptiness That Fills Your Core, And How Do The Activators Work

Vibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: energizing your water, Kute Blackson, and the emptiness that fills your core

Yesterday I received a DVD of Raymon Grace (personal vibration: 170) from one of the students, so I can test it.

Raymon Grace


Now, I hate to admit, I am not sure what to make of what I experienced.

I put a pitcher of water in front of the monitor, as instructed. The water’s vibration was 190… it was already purified. Then I poured out of the pitcher about 1/4 glass into a glass and held it high.
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Updated: Soul Correction #28: Soul Mate


soul mates soaring together in a synergistic fashionSoul Correction #28: SOUL MATE

Update: Having worked with two more soul mate people, I am seeing something additional: you cannot find your soul mate if you have a preconceived notion of what that looks like.

But if this is your soulcorrection, then no one is good enough for you, because you have an expectation, an agenda, and everyone will fall short. Even you will fall short of your expectations of how YOU should be.

Your job is to start to get real, start to stop interacting with shoulds and such…

Ultimately you are setting people up to fail… and it is unconscious.

There is more… but I cannot access it right now… I’ll add to this when I can verbalize it.

Looking for the perfect date, the ideal mate, true friends, loyal associates, or the right business partner?

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What Are You Raising When You Raise Your Vibration?

 What Is The Vibration That The Map Of Consciousness Measures And What Is The Vibration That The Gurus Are Talking About?

What Is Vibration? What Do The Numbers Mean? How Do You Raise Your Vibration? Is The Guru Of Your Choice A Vampire, A Cult Leader, A Slave-Driver? You’ll Find Out Inside…

This issue is fraught with controversies. So let’s take a look. The truth will set you free, but it will first piss you off!
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