How to make New Year’s Resolutions succeed?

The size of your projects is the size of your life. Your New Year’s resolution is a project. big or small shows the size of your life.

If you are not working on it, it is not a project. For it to be a project, you need to work on it. Otherwise it is just a fantasy.

The size of the people your project helps is the size of your world.

Giving away money that you didn’t earn isn’t a project.

Yesterday we had the 3-wishes workshop. It’s a fun little exercise. But we didn’t do it for fun. Most fun exercises have hidden huge learnings: about you, about the size of your world and the size of your life.

What does it have to do with a New year resolution? Patience, I’ll make them connect later. First you want to look at the ingredients… there are no jumps in reality, and when you jump, you do that in your imagination, and your results will be also in your imagination, not in reality… How is that for a learning, learning why your New Year Resolutions haven’t panned out thus far… You did jumps in it.

Projects are like building a ladder and climbing it to the fulfillment… not a jump. Continue reading “How to make New Year’s Resolutions succeed?”