What are OUR tools in raising your vibration… Updated

transformation is like picking a lock. here are our tools to raise your vibration

Transformation is like picking a lock. You need tools, you need patience, you need immense awareness, and the results need to be valuable, or you'll quit before you are done. Partial transformation gives you bragging rights, but no results.

This is going to be an article that, I predict, will grow as we discover or invent (with Source) new tools to bring about the 1,000 Years of Peace, the restoration of the Original Design.

I will not give details of the tools in this article. The details you can find in other articles, or in the glossary. I will link the tools to where you can read more about them as time allows.

Patience, my friend, patience is a virtue. I'll get to it when I can. Start at the beginning... do you know how to connect, yet? I don't mean know about it. I don't mean "I think so" I mean, have I said that you are connected? If not, then please come to a connection call or stop feeding your mind. All this information is worthless there.

I will list the tools in the order I received them, not in the order of importance. This is where the good guys finish first, even if they started last...

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How to live your life’s purpose: today

your life is like a trainThere is an audio I recorded six years ago but it is as sharp as anything I do today...
It is about how to live your soul's purpose, and how to start, finally doing something substantial, worth being called your life's work...

In this old audio I address something really important: your being, your attitude, at any moment, is correlated or very influenced, so much that it is given by the future you are heading for.

The future you are heading for is destination towards which the rails of your train go... If you are on a train to Chicago, chances are you are going to arrive to Chicago.
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When you are afraid… what is there to do?

I am doing a business project with my brand spanking new coach... and...

As it was predictable, this is my fourth day only, I already got to a place, where fear is coming up.

I am glad, because I am so rarely afraid. This will give me an opportunity to notice something Tree of Life for my scaredy cat clients and students.

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Who you are can be expressed in a sentence… what’s your sentence?

Watch this video.

The first part, where he brings examples of the sentence: if you tune in deep inside you, you may be able to come up with your sentence, and then you can design your life around it.

That sentence will be your functional expression of your life's purpose. It is akin a strong wind that you lean into when you "do" your life.

Good luck.

Want to know mine? From 2010?
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What is the difference between a human and a human being? Simply put: ownership

human-vs-undeadMy work is to take humans from the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death to the Promised Land... to Human Beingness. This post might be an important milepost in that.

I read an article in the Howard Business Review that points out a world view that is at the root of you staying a potential, you staying an effect, in every area of your life.

Although the article is a business article, business is a great analogy to life. Another great analogy is travel.

Travel is a much easier, much more accessible activity, so I will use it, while, if you want to read the original business article, I am enclosing it. 1
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Trim Tab, the counter cultural tool of winners


TrimmedBoat_bigYou want to raise your vibration? Want to be happy, fulfilled, harmonious, in balance, at peace? This may be the most important article you can read.

Without this tool you have a rough ride, with this tool... your ride is smooth. 1

One of the most counter-cultural distinctions that came from Buckminster Fuller is the trim tab, or small actions that turns big ships.
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Soul Correction #39: Diamond in The Rough

soul correction diamond in the roughA diamonds in the rough looks like a piece of rock. If you don't expect it, you will treat it as a rock. Or a shard of glass

But if you are willing to go beyond the surface, you will be rich. Few people ever do that. Not with themselves, not with others, not with anything in the world.

Their shallow view of the world makes their life shallow, and they will go for every glitter, every shiny object. Because they are unwilling to go beyond the top layer, the visible layer.
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Republished: You Can’t Get Enough Of What You Don’t Want: The Nature Of Reality

you can't get enough of what you don't wantYou Can't Get Enough Of What You Don't Want

Warning: this is a very advanced article. You should probably start with the easier ones if you are here for the first time. OK?

An interesting glitch in the nature of reality is that our driving desire, the answer to our dreams, the one thing that would seem to fix our complaints doesn't fix anything.

We could say that you can't fix what's not broken. and actually it would be a very astute remark.

But if that is the case, that the thing we are trying to fix isn't broken, why does it seem that, what we most complain about not having, would fix it?
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Evolution, social genes, and brain plasticity

stoneageYour social genes haven't changed in the past 200,000 years. They are still the same as when humans were hunter gatherers, the stone age. Social genes are the genes that define behavior.

Where do we see this? Hunter-gatherers were not adventurous. They didn't go hunting again, until they had to. They preferred to share, to be nice to each other, that way they didn't have to risk confrontation. This lived in clans, hunted in clans, and followed the leaders.

They judged everything by their first impression of it, or by prejudice: they didn't experiment, didn't stop to think, didn't give second chances. A wolf in sheep's clothing would be accepted as sheep.

And yet, this bunch of scared followers now live in cities, drive cars, study at universities.
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Soul Work – are you doing it?

Goodbyes-are-only-for-thoseMy students say that I am harsh. That I don't see the best in people. That I'd catch more flies with honey...

Yeah, I know. Flies love honey... but I am looking to talk to people who aspire to go to the next level of human evolution, and those people are not flies. They are not scared away by reality: they know it will take taking a hard look at reality that is not pretty...

I am a realist. Rob Brezsny is an optimist... he has a lot of honey... yet, a realist finds the work in what he says, and loves it. 1

Rob Breszny writes: While walking in San Francisco, I passed the Pacific Heights Health Club. The sign out front said, "Birthday suits tailored here." It was a witty reference to the idea that working out at a gym helps people get their naked bodies in good shape. I'd like to interpret the sign's message in a different way, and apply it to you. The time is right for you to get back in touch with your raw, original self, and give it the care and the fuel and the treats it has been missing. Who did you start out to be? What does your soul's blueprint say about who you must become? Home in on your source code and boost its signal.

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