If you are looking for a fast way to raise your vibration: energizing your cells can do it.

When you energize your cells, you energize your whole body… including your brain. You get stronger, more resilient, and fare better in life.

The method that is easiest to use is to drink coherent water, water whose vibration is raised to 653… not an easy feat. You have to start with additive-free water that you cannot find in nature… so you have to find water that you can filter down to energizable level.

Filters are factory made, and are made with chemicals… so they may add chemicals to your filtered water rendering it not energizable. I have found only one company’s filters that both filter and are not leaking too much chemicals into the filtered water… DuPont’s whole house filters.

But put two of DuPont’s debris filters… and suddenly the water won’t energize: too much chemicals…

In addition to the trouble with making your tap water energizable, there are a host of other hurdles you need to overcome… 1

The process, after your base water is energizable, is to wrap your container with headphones playing the energizer audio… or alternatively use a high quality mini speaker in small closed place, like a refrigerator, with walls that don’t absorb the energy, but reflect it.

Using just the Energizer Audio is a relatively slow method of energizing your water.

There is a saying: watched pot never boils…

It’s an idiom, but there is a lot of truth in it.

When you watch the pot waiting for the water in it to boil, you don’t have a lid on it, do you?

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My secret weapon

The Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal… I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn’t work or it’s disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works… Really.

July 29, 2018. As you may know I accidentally poisoned myself. The toxin came from food, and according to muscle test there was a 90% chance it was going to kill me. And it felt exactly like that.

After a few days I looked what I could use… nothing chemical, Source said. Nothing physical, Source said. Energy? Maybe, Source said.

When I say Source said, I mean: I muscle tested while connected to Source.

Finally I settled on the “Big Bundle” and I could hear as the dried out, dead parts of my colon started to break up, and break off… I felt almost immediate relief. I have done the treatment two more times, and today I actually had appetite to eat a little bit, and I now know I’ll live.

This Big Bundle is my secret weapon. It is big because the energies are big. Continue reading “My secret weapon”

Your two brains… have you been trying to be a creator with the first?

kelli-in-the-rawYesterday I got a request to review Kelli in the raw (Kelli Coffee Sessions – Kelli In The Raw TV)

She is quite charismatic, and looks and acts different than most of the people who are duping people. I went and experienced one of her youtube sessions… an “activation” session.

She generates and moves energy around with her hands, and talks. The energies felt very strong, very unpleasant, in the upper chest and the throat (greed).

Not Source energy. She taps into a “plane”, a reservoir of human imagination created energies. I have heard this plane called the Fourth Plane… gods, angels, spirits belong there. And evil.

Her, Kelli’s vibration is 170. She uses the 18 spiritual capacities she was born with. (World average is between five and six spiritual capacities).

Watch her video… on the next page

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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It’s my 45th anniversary that I graduated from architecture school. I am old…

01-livewelllakewoodIt put me into a walk-down memory lane mood, and I revisited some events in my life I haven’t remembered in decades.

For example the only person I ever saw as compatible, left after a few weeks, without saying good bye.

I could grieve it, but I think it was fortunate. I loved him too much…

When you love someone or something too much, you put your own self interest on hold, and become a slave to that person or thing…
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My experiment with increasing my Life Force, Part One

As you may have read, I discovered that my Life Force, the capacity to grow, has nearly diminished.

In this article I will report to you my own experience of trying to increase a capacity through working on it. Essentially the same kind of work I am asking you to do.

What is present, by the way, is fear. Intense fear. Fear of failure, fear of finding out that I am full of crap.

Now, you need to know that I have the detached capacity, so I am observing it and feeling it at the same time. What is there between the Observer and the feeling is an attitude of curiosity: the curiosity of a researcher. And maybe the curiosity of a kid looking at a bug, and enjoying saying: Grooooooss.

I also take the Unconditional Love Activator in my water, all day… allowing me to see and love myself with all my failings, all my faults, all my mistakes.

I can see that fear would hold back anyone who doesn’t have the capacity for being detached, standing in their Observer position, where you don’t have to take all your feelings seriously, from where a feeling is not often relevant.
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Your machine: Cycles, patterns, spiritual path: Life is a circle of repeating changes, rising and falling like the seasons.

flowers for algernon... loss is more painful than never having itAll models are wrong, but some are useful. This model is useful.

Robert Fritz, author of the book, The Path of Least Resistance, can offer a lot of information on the topic.

Fritz’s oscillating structures is a model and it is useful.

What no one seems to write about is the big cycles that are hard to see, and even harder to see that you have anything to do with them.

I call this “the machine” and it is time to bring it up again, because so many people are unwittingly pulled into the downward phase of the machine cycle… have gone to hell… and I want to make sure they will come back.

I am going to talk about the machine that runs, under the cover, in the concealed, and runs your life, in every area of life.

Money, well-being, joy, relationships, and spirituality all have cycles, and what you don’t know can kill you there.
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Clueless… why clueless people don’t see themselves clueless?

I am fineClueless

When we say we are clueless, it means that we don’t know. We feel like we are in a fog where every direction looks equally bleak… we don’t start, because we want to go in the right direction.

Now, is that clueless, or is that feeling clueless?

Let’s look at an example:

More than 100 thousand pages talk about DNA activation. Thousands on thousands of people look for that.

They are promised instant enlightenment, whatever that is.

Now, the truth is, there is no instant enlightenment. There is nothing instant, neither healing, nor DNA activation.

It is true that the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch, but you won’t see anything for a little while…

Even hearing is not instant… it takes the sound to go through filters until it reaches the mind and comprehension results.

Now, the question is: the person who sells this, and the person who buys it: are they clueless or do they feel clueless?
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Vibrational reviews Abdy Electriciteh, Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar

Vibrational reviews Abdy Electriciteh, Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar

Most of the reviews were written at students’ and clients’ request.

Here is one:

“How interesting that my vibration is so low. I have been working with Abdy Electriciteh , Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar.? I have had wonderful experiences with them and the energy is strong.
I have had dreams most of my life that tell me messages. So now…. very confusing!!!”

The client’s vibration is 100. So let’s see what is her “gurus” doing in the area of vibration.

Remember: vibration is the degree to which you are growing in the direction the DNA gives you… towards the next evolutionary phase: human being.

Dreams and experiences probably mean: you are decorating your cave… not moving out of it.
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Emotional Shock Absorber… New Energy: like that name?

bird's knee collapses to absorb the shock of landingOne of the technical things a human can apply to their own life, to their emotional life, is the shock absorber.

The shock absorber reduces the load on every part of the vehicle, your foot, on your head… wherever you are utilizing it… and if used properly, your emotional and physical self.

The bombardment of humanity with negative emotions is continuous. There is no shield, there is no distance, there is no bunker that can protect you… but you can use the shock absorber…

An emotion only wreaks havoc when it’s resisted.

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What is energized water?

energized-waterThis article explains what is energized water, what energizing does to the water, the difference between water in nature or from your tap, from a bottle, and energized water.

The main difference is that energized water, fully energized water, water whose vibration is raised to 653, is coherent… and the human cells accept it willingly whereas all other waters are not willingly accepted by the cells.

A few years ago I had a conversation with a well known guru. I shared with him that energized water is amazingly smooth, easy to drink, tastes good, and makes you feel like you did something good for your body.

He got really really angry. He said: water is water. H2O

Now, years later I am still drinking energized water, I look younger than I looked when I was 50, and my skin is smooth, my health is great. He is divorced, battling depression, he could use some energized water… lol.
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