The human spirit and the predatory genes…

who wears the pants in this relationship? predatory genesI’ve done thousands of starting point measurements, muscle test 34 things about you, that measure the inner struggle between the predatory genes, the soul, and the spirit.

It is one thing to do thousands of these, and quite another to measure the same person monthly, or frequently. The insights come from seeing what behaviors, what moods, what results correlate with what measurements.

In this article I will talk about those correlations, in the context of power vs. force, spirit vs. predatory genes.

I’ll begin with a little history: the term predatory genes came from a book, The Cure by Douglas Richards.

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We all want to feel motivated. But we are all taught to go about it the wrong way

inner or intrinsic motivationInner motivation vs. Outer motivation… choose! Being motivated inwardly or outwardly. By returning to inner motivation you return to the childlike joy you remember so fondly…

Real motivation is like inspiration: being pulled into doing something, instead of being pushed into efforting and trying and all the horizontal plane feelings: having to, needing to, wanting to, and should. These are not present when you are motivated: you are just doing what you are doing because it’s fun, because it is interesting, because it is there to do… for its own sake. Continue reading “We all want to feel motivated. But we are all taught to go about it the wrong way”