On Tithing and The Law of Attraction… does it make you rich?

Tithing is a voluntary contribution. It is a giving back where you got your spiritual nourishment, your inspiration.

  • It is keeping the blessing in movement.
  • It is an expression of your abundance regardless of the circumstance, so it is also a state of mind creator.
  • It has its roots in the Jewish mitzva (commandment) of leaving the edges of a cultivated land unharvested so the poor can come and collect the food. The Jewish long sideburn is a reminder of the mitzva, and tithing has some relationship to it with the Christian twist of where to give back.

I have found that tithing is a great activator of the Law of Attraction. Especially if you give often, and with the right mindset. According to Kabbalah the right mindset is a kind of spiritual or enlightened greed, give hungry for your own growth and your own enlightenment, and not from do-gooding. do-gooding is from ego (Satan)

My specialty is the mindset (or the seed level) of spiritual growth.

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