The courage to be yourself, Your TRUE self

know your true selfI had an insight yesterday that was completely driven home today by my guidance system.

We see something, and then it’s gone.

It is gone, and it didn’t have time or a receiver to impart the important learning in what we saw.

This happens with such frequency, that we stop paying attention to our inner guidance, our bodies talking to us… 

We see the the feeling for a moment from the corner of our consciousness, and the guidance is lost… again.
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The key to the evolution of the human species finally discovered…

This article: I started to write this article yesterday, before a class… I wanted to use the class to get some more “meat” into the issue… The class went different: it, instead, magically took me to the root of all misery, and to the evolutionary issues of humanity, and to the question: can evolution be caused? Triggered?

In a lot of ways this has been a question, I think, for a long time. People that were ahead of their time asked this question, in one way or another.

So far there haven’t been any successful attempts at causing evolution. There are fairy tales of some incidents, but muscle test shows that they are just that: fairy tales.

One of them is the story of the Hundredth Monkey: the story tries to illustrate evolution, but it makes many mistakes in its setup, and shows a deep lack of understanding of how it all works, how evolution works.

So, I am trying my hand on this thing that no one has ever succeeded before, but my approach is different from others’ which doesn’t mean I’ll succeed, but it is worth testing.
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