Your life, driven by your concerns, will…

You can have two kinds of attitude in life, and which one you have will decide what kind of life you’ll live.

And no, it is not innate. You are not born with it, you assumed that attitude, for reasons of your own.

The two attitudes are

1. coming from
2. going to

I measure this in the Starting Point Measurements as outcome dependence.

I measure to what degree you hope, expect, effort, work, pretend, lie, cheat so that you get what you want. Security, health, wealth, love, fulfillment, happiness…

You want Life, people, society to give you that you want… And your happiness, fulfillment, etc. depend on what you get. Continue reading “Your life, driven by your concerns, will…”

Either write something worth reading, or be someone worth writing about

Actually, the original Ben Franklin quote is: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing (about). Leave the world a better place than it was before you were born, because of your actions.

I didn’t think it was in me… so I settled for something small. I decided to plant a tree every year… there are too few trees in my humble but accurate opinion.

Then my landlord cut them, not all but most… and I got disheartened. Continue reading “Either write something worth reading, or be someone worth writing about”