Albert Einstein spoke about the levels of consciousness

levels of consciousnessI am very lucky: the questions my students send me have caused me to have a deeper understanding for my own work.

These students are often seeking new insights in their pressing circumstances from me. Lately it is all about making a decision to stay or leave, to let go or to fight.

It is a huge responsibility to talk to people who are looking for answers.
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No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it

monsters-inside-your-headNo problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it. This sentence could be the cornerstone from which you finally raise your vibration, and become the person you were meant to be.

This article is crucial: if you get it, practice it until it becomes second nature, you’ll have taken the step to becoming a Human Being.

Many people search to understand the sentence in the title. Even understanding requires you to be on a different level of consciousness that created it.

You are asking because the consciousness is: a problem is wrong, it needs to be fixed.
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Osho: Baby, my whole work is to confuse you!

I want to confuse you. Confusion is a high state of consciousness.I haven’t had many people say that I confuse them, 1 probably because to say that is confrontational, and only about 4% of you is confrontational. Not that you don’t think that, but it takes courage and individuality to utter those words, and you don’t have it in you.

What would it take to say those words, without animosity, without anger, without pointing fingers? If you could solve that conundrum for yourself, life would be a lot better, wouldn’t it?

Until the age of about 40, my biggest issue was what to do with my anger. I made up a story, based on accidental coincidences, that my anger kills… and that I am a murderer. Obviously, with that cornerstone of a belief, it was impossible for me to express my anger in a socially acceptable way, so I suppressed, and then I exploded, and I repeated that pattern for 40 years, to my detriment.

I had ulcers, nervous breakdowns, depression, insomnia… not pleasant.

So, for me to learn to be confrontational, confronted and response, confronted and be well, calm and collected, was a huge shift in my being, in the right direction.

Anyway, here is a talk transcribed from Osho, that I think you’ll enjoy. 2

Baby, my whole work is to confuse you!

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Is the Law of Attraction true? Maybe… for some people… but definitely not for you

shameI just hung up with my friend… we talk every Sunday morning, and have been for seven years now.

He is one of my failure stories. 1

I have some of those. I have many quitter stories, I have even more testimonials, which are the stories of “flash in the pan” successes, and a few genuine success stories.

My results are not much better than others; the only difference, probably, is that I have a few genuine success stories of lasting alteration of being… lasting alteration of consciousness.

Most teachers encourage sharing of successes. ALL those successes are temporary, all those successes are “flash in the pan” successes… because the work that produces the success has stopped.

The definition of success, in a work of transformation, is PERMANENT alteration of the view of self, the view of the world, or consciousness. Alteration of personal reality.

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Could an Avatar ever cause Peace on Earth?

avatar nickelodeon teaching by proxyAfter watching all the Avatar series quite a few times, I saw that an Avatar is just one person. Without the Team Avatar and the country rallying for the cause, the Avatar is defeated before he starts.

There have been Avatars in the history of humanity. As Avatars all failed.

The job of the Avatar is to fight and usher in a long period of peace. But it cannot be just a good idea of the Avatar: it needs to be an idea whose time has come.

The Judeo/Christian idea of an avenging Messiah is way out of sync with how it works. Without the majority rising up with the leadership of the Avatar or Team Avatar, the result can only be slaying the Avatar, and that’s that.

I’ll put in here, instead of my own words, two people’s words: Osho and Art Williams. Osho, a failed Avatar, Art Williams, a successful business man whose crusade was successful, in terms of business. Osho talks about why it could not succeed, can’t succeed, Art Williams talks about how to succeed as an Avatar.

Very long, but worth reading. Will it wake you up? Not likely… but maybe one or two of you. If you have been feeling that life is senseless and have been seeking some purpose to life, Art Williams words will give you a glimpse of what’s missing.

Question to Osho: Why is humanity so willing to walk the path towards global suicide?

Osho – The reason is clear. People have become clear that their life has no meaning, that except misery, nothing happens; except anxiety, anguish, life has nothing to offer.
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From my correspondence: What did you do to me? Why am I feeling worse instead of better?

From my correspondence:


Good Morning,

I don’t know what happened with the exercise last night but I came away feeling a little drained and
though I am also an empath, the trait is not yet developed. As such It felt like my vibration went down
instead of up.

What do you make of this, and what possible for me to come to peace about this?


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