Gratitude, appreciation is for you, not for the other

gratitudeI have students who fake thankfulness, gratitude… you can hear it. And occasionally they confess.

To me, to hear the fakeness, it indicates their wretchedness.

They think that gratitude, appreciation is social grease… and you give it to look good, to fit in, to obey some social rule, or because the other needs it.

Their knowledge about how reality works is completely missing…

Gratitude, what you are getting, all live in language… have no existence in reality. Without expressing gratitude you got nothing… and of course nothing to be grateful for.

But if you get nothing, ever, then you are wretched. You got nothing… and no joy, no being moved,no nice feelings, no connection with the other… you are an empty shell waiting to be filled. Continue reading “Gratitude, appreciation is for you, not for the other”

Co-creation. Connecting to Source. What is YOUR context that leaves you unfulfilled?

This is an audio that will explain a lot… and you’ll hate it. If by any chance you’ll love it, you just found the secret of a well lived life.


Okay. It’s Friday morning, and this little talk I’m doing today will not make you happy. Why? ‘Cause it’s going to upset the apple cart. It’s going to wrinkle your sheets. It’s going to be trampling on your beliefs.

So, what am I talking about? Continue reading “Co-creation. Connecting to Source. What is YOUR context that leaves you unfulfilled?”

Going from scarcity to abundance, from stingy to generous, from withholding to surrender

this is a personal gushing message to a client… but i say things i have never said before… definitely a need to listen

oops, just found out i posted the wrong audio… i apologize to the student whose coaching session i published by mistake: i have no excuse. it was a mistake, and i didn’t verify. ugh… ugly.

I have put in the right audio now…


You live in a world of your own design, a world without meaning, a world of misery

If meaning makes the difference between a life worth living or not, why is it that don’t you create a meaning that makes life worth living?

You can’t, you won’t… but why? Let me muscle test!

  • You lack intellectual capacity? 30%
  • You don’t have the spiritual capacity to see the big picture in width and it time? 90%
  • You lack the willingness to be responsible, willingness to cause the context. 100%
  • You lack the courage to cause the context, or pretty much anything… 100%

Being a sheep means lack of courage, lack of vision, lack of responsibility

Stuck energy. Stinginess.

Can you change? Yes. How? Through activating spiritual capacities with practices that need that capacity.

Without meaning YOU create, life is not worth living, is a struggle, and you suffer. Continue reading “You live in a world of your own design, a world without meaning, a world of misery”

How full is your toolbox? Planning to dig a well when you are thirsty?

One of the common characteristics of people I meet is that they have no skills, no tool box, they are waiting for the right opportunity to do anything. They will start to learn the right skills when they need them, when they’ll know what they want to do. And, of course, it is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty… they languish of thirst…

I am a lot like Bob in the movie “Bob The Butler”.

I am inspired by that movie to do even more skill building to fill my tool box.

I am 70 years old. I have 27 skill sets, 27 ways to make a living. I am an architect. I am a brick mason. I can lay wooden floor, I can lay tiles both on the floor and on the wall. I can hang wallpaper. I am a plumber. etc. etc. etc. One time I counted. I have forgotten more professions than you know how to do.

What did this do to me? What did this do to Bob, the butler?

Continue reading “How full is your toolbox? Planning to dig a well when you are thirsty?”