Paying the piper for a decision my 2-year old self made

My article writing teacher says that the way to write a good article is to have three topics and let people know what they are, ahead of time.

This is the same dude who takes three months of vacation every year… maybe he knows something most don’t, and therefore it is worth listening to him?

So here are the three topics:
1. work-life balance: how the masses are wrong
2. your straitjacket… a detrimental early decision
3. what you eat… how it makes you ill or keeps you well. Continue reading “Paying the piper for a decision my 2-year old self made”

The straitjacket of your identity

The identity you invented is preventing you from living the life you want 1

What identity? you ask.

That person you deeply believe that you are. The good person, the helpful person, the nice person…

Or the superman
Or the intelligent, well spoken person
Or the smart person…
Or the humble person…

But there are questions, because those same identity traits are at the root of some of your complaints, so there is a disharmony somewhere. Continue reading “The straitjacket of your identity”