Do you respect money? If not, you pay the price…

Why is respect hard and rare?

Because respect includes the capacity and the willingness to look again, but this time look from a different vantage point, preferably from the point of view of the other person. Of the big picture, away from the wishful thinking, the inflated self-image, and your expectations.

I remember, that all my life, all I ever wanted is to be considered a person. In a world where people consider themselves things in the world of things, being treated, being looked at, being listened to as a person is so rare that I can remember every time it happened. Or every time I detect that energy in a book… I tear up.

And yet, everyone wants to be treated like a person, and everyone treats themselves and others like they are things.

One of the big prices we pay is with our money.

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Respect: look again… but this time differently

In the movie, Stranger Than Fiction,
our hero is doing what he is doing, unconsciously.

movie clip

When Harold Crick, the hero of the movie, starts hearing the narrating voice in his head, what the voice says takes him out of his unconsciousness, his usual way of doing things, going through life like a drone, and this changes his life.
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What Story Do You Tell Yourself? Where are you looking from to tell the story?

What's Your StoryOne thing you already know about me: if I find something that says what I want to say better, I put it in my article. I have no ego about it. Actually, the story I tell myself about it is that only brilliant people can be humble… and that is both true and a lie. Actually, the truth is that humility, the willingness to say “I don’t know”, the willingness to say “did I get that right?” are both the result and the cause of brilliance… So no matter how you look at it, I am brilliant… lol. Now that was fun, lol. A lot of fun. Now, onto the quoted article:

What stories do you tell yourself concerning your disappointments, failures and embarrassments? Were you the unfortunate victim of evil?

Perhaps it’s time you start telling different versions of those stories. Regret and fear are incapable of guiding you to Success.

The stories you tell yourself are the foundations of your self-image. The self that will either get things done or not.

“The first principle of self-deception is you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.” — Richard Feynman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics

There are many ways in which the truth can be told.
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Reality, filtered, is not reality… it’s unreality. You only have power when you interact with reality directly

composite_sketchesWhat is happening when you can’t see what is in front of you, only your mind, only the filter?

There are several reasons why you wouldn’t be able to see and respond correctly to what is in front of you.

  1. Reason 1: you start verbalizing what is in front of you, which puts you right in your mind, together with the memories…I call that going to the morass, where you no longer see what you see, it is now displaced by some verbal interpretation… which is not what you are looking at… but a shadow of it.It is invisible to you…

    You really think that you are interacting with reality…
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Read this article if you plan to remain a client or a student

A spiritual practice like no other… are you doing it?

What makes the “Stranger than Fiction” type of narration work like gangbusters to get you out of your head?

Stranger-better-than-Fiction-will-ferrell-272971_1024_768To my surprise not many people take advantage of the opportunity to watch a good movie and steal a habit that can be called a spiritual practice that can take you from a victim of your mind, to as near a human being as you can get in a few months’ time.

The movie, Stranger than Fiction is a really good movie, but the bestest part of it is that the style of speaking that the hero, Will Ferrell dude hears, is the exact type of inner speaking that you hear when you speak from the Witness’s position, which is heaven on earth, if you ask me.
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More about changing… but not the mind

seeing the world and yourself differentlyYesterday’s article said that it’s futile to try to change the words, try to change the thought to change you or your life.

And yet, some of the time those programs work. Often? Not at all.

So why do they work, how do they work?

When I look at the examples where something shifted like in my first encounter with hypnosis, I see that the behavior changed. Dramatically.

Were the words that changed? No. Something much deeper. If I want to go out on a limb, I could say that the picture of myself changed.
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Seeing the big picture… a uniquely Human Being capacity

seeing-the-bigger-picture1Why is it so difficult to see the big picture?

Seeing the big picture has three dimensions, maybe four.

  1. seeing wide: Instead of locking onto a detail, you see the environment inside which the detail is. This is possible the moment you ALLOW what is to be.
  2. seeing from high: Most things unfold over time, much like traveling on a windy river… you don’t know what is coming beyond the bend, if it is friend or foe.This is one of the problems in making things happen: it is near impossible to be prepared for eventualities you can’t predict.
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The most instructional movie to illustrate consciousness awakening

that look is the first look of awakening consciousnessIn this movie, a man, unconscious of himself, his actions, of anything about himself, starts to hear his life narrated in his head (the Observer or the Witness), and starts living his life from that perspective, outside of his body, outside of his mind.

The movie is brilliant. Stranger than fiction. It stars Will Farrell, and Will Farrel could be you.

Now, here is a clue about you: how you will read this article can tell you everything about you.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

  • It will tell you your future more reliably than anything else you could hear or read.
  • It will tell you your level of intelligence.
  • It will tell you what you can hope to get out of my products, my courses, my work. Reliably.

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