It’s amazing how much you can get if you quietly, clearly, and authoritatively demand it…

The difference between a human and a human being is the level of ownership they take over their lives. Human being is self-directed, and in perpetual growth mode… This article explores this phenomenon and what is in your way to become a human being


Everybody dreams of a stress free life… even though stress wakes you up. Stress as in challenge. I am not talking about the anxiety where you are fighting what if scenarios… that will never happen.

My countryman, who worked in Canada, Selye Janos (aka Hans Selye), was an endocrinologist, who was the first to demonstrate the existence of biological stress.

Stress response, what stress can do to your body.

But in his groundbreaking book, “Stress without Distress” he showed that stress also keeps us alive.
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The new worry epidemic… keeping you entitled, a kid

This article is long… the original writer was probably paid for each word… In spite of my intent to edit it, I could not make it shorter.

The gist of it is that instead of using our god given ability to think to think things through, to plan, to prevent, we use it instead to worry… Worry is unproductive and makes absolutely no difference. In fact, it makes you stupid… Very stupid, unprepared, make emotional decisions, avoid action… in simple terms, to become a Shrinking Human… instead of an Expanding Human Being.

Oh, and it also makes you sick… if being sick and stupid with worry weren’t enough.
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What is stress? Not what you think…

cause-effect99% of humanity looks at the world, at what’s happening, at everything as an Effect does.

You can be Cause in life and you can be Effect.

You can’t even begin raising your vibration until you become, at least partially, Cause in your life, Cause of everything.
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