The new worry epidemic


This article is long… the original writer was probably paid for each word… In spite of my intent to edit it, I could not make it shorter.

The gist of it is that instead of using our god given ability to think to think things through, to plan, to prevent, we use it instead to worryWorry is unproductive and makes absolutely no difference. In fact, it makes you stupid… Very stupid, unprepared, make emotional decisions, avoid action… in simple terms, to become a Shrinking Human… instead of an Expanding Human Being.

Oh, and it also makes you sick… if being sick and stupid with worry weren’t enough.

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What is stress? Not what you think…

cause-effect99% of humanity looks at the world, at what’s happening, at everything as an Effect does.

You can be Cause in life and you can be Effect.

You can’t even begin raising your vibration until you become, at least partially, Cause in your life, Cause of everything.
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Little Known Ways to Stop Procrastinating Homework

The most important thing to know about procrastination is that it’s an avoidance tactic.

We all have it, it is a matter of degrees. Successful people, successful students avoid what they have to do, in this case doing their homework, less of the time. But just know: every time the idea of doing comes up: the idea of avoidance comes up too.

What is the difference between a student that chooses doing their homework and a student that chooses to do avoidance?

The difference is not so much in the moment, but in the students approach to life and studying in general.

Context is decisive, goes the saying. Context is the why of an activity.
Context answers the why would you do that? Why do you want it? To what end would you do it? What’s in it for you?

A good student has answered that question differently from the avoiding student.
A good student could have picked an goal, like getting educated, getting good grades to get into a good college, getting good grades to please my mother, learning to work my mind, etc. etc. etc.

A bad student considers learning useless, a waste of time, something that was imposed on them. They, potentially, consider liberty: doing what they want to do when they want to do it, and not doing what they don’t want to do… when they don’t want to do it, more important than freedom, what they ultimately crave. The freedom to be themselves.

Nietzsche, a famous German philosopher, called that behavior “infantile will to power”… which means, that when you do avoidance tactic, you are acting like a belligerent young child, maybe even a baby, crying for the bottle.

One of the most valued capacities for a human is maturity. Behaving and using your adult capacities… choosing, saying no, the ability to be with, and be effective in spite of negative emotions, pain, or bad thoughts.

And another invaluable capacity of an adult is to choose the context carefully, choose it to help them through the difficulties of dealing with unpleasant feelings, memories, and emotions, successfully, so they move forward in life.

The biological age of a person can be 70, but their behavior can alternate between 5 years old and 15 years old: I know, I have a client like that, lol.

Band-aid type solutions like the ones this following article teach are just that: band-aids.

As procrastination is part of being human, it is common to put off the tasks we are not fond of in order to do more pleasurable tasks.

Homework is one of the most common tasks that gets deferred. Although it seems impossible, it is possible to stop procrastinating homework assignments and have more time to spend doing more pleasant activities.

These simple steps can assist you in using your time more effectively.

First, ensure that you have a quiet, comfortable place to sit down and think. Ensuring that you have everything you need at hand to finish the task will eliminate unnecessary diversions.

Focusing on the task at hand without any distractions will make it much easier to concentrate and may allow those creative juices to start flowing.

Secondly, break homework assignments up. For example, if you have been assigned 20 math problems, dissect them into four parts. Give yourself half an hour to complete those five questions. Then, take a break. Allow yourself a few minutes in between to do something pleasurable such as calling a friend. This will help clear your mind and sharpen your thought process. Then, tackle the next five. Before you know it, your math will be done and you will have all the time in the world to just hang out.

Next, prioritize your homework schedule. Keep a planner or list your homework on a sheet of paper by due dates. Once you have started an assignment, don’t jump around. Starting one task and not finishing it before starting another can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed. Tackling one thing at a time until it is complete can give you a small sense of accomplishment which will boost your confidence and can keep you going. You’ll get better results too.

Finally, a great way to stop procrastinating homework and break bad habits is to alleviate mental stressors that can effect your ability to take charge.

Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you discover what those stressors are and fight them.

Being able to locate the source of the problem will help in conquering inadequacies in your everyday life. Emotional Freedom Techniques give you ways to stop procrastinating homework and help set you on your own path to emotional freedom. It is a great way for habitual procrastinators if other measures fail.

Emotional Freedom Technique based exercises help struggling students take control to ensure they are on the path to leading successful, powerful lives.

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