When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging

We used to think that if we invented ourselves as something great, we could be great.

In essence, that is what we thought Landmark Education was teaching, and maybe on some level they did.

The formula was ‘Invent a possibility for yourself and your life… so you would say: I am the possibility of being smart (whatever)…’

But what our ego heard is this is how to fix our puny, worthless self, and we either said ‘nah, can’t do it!’ or we got again entangled in the fixing cycle… Continue reading “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”

Are You stupid? Or are you just BEING stupid?

Summary: You may be stupid, you may be doing stupid and you may not know it. The biggest breakthrough for a stupid person is to declare that they are stupid. Why? Because it would force them to look before they label, act, talk, argue, say yes, or say no… Stupid is a state, not an ability…

So, what is the state of a stupid person? They think that they understand everything. They think that what they see is what’s there…

Koan: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always Continue reading “Are You stupid? Or are you just BEING stupid?”

What does IQ drop say: stupid or just incurious?

iq drop... stupid or incurious?The answer to that question, of course, is at the end of this article… I’ll do what I need to do to get you to read it… Why? What would YOU do if you wrote an article every day and only a handful of people would read it? Yeah? I thought so… You would want them to find out why their IQ is low, and what they can do about it, no?

Anyway, I have been playing with my diet.

This has been my ‘style’ for the past, I don’t know… five years?

For a week now I have been eating like a vegetarian. And I am noticing a huge drop in my ability to see, to connect the dots, to see patterns.

This is, by the way, the second time I am eating like a vegetarian… and the second time I am noticing this: I am now about as smart as a cow.

Because I have given myself to the task of distinguishing stuff previously undistinguished by humans, I am simply following Source’s guidance, and every time I follow the seemingly nonsensical guidance, I always see something that surprises me. (By the way, Source is my connection to all-knowledge)

I have vegetarian clients, I know people who are vegetarian, and I even know some vegans.

How come THEY don’t notice that they are dumb?

Two possible reasons, maybe three. Continue reading “What does IQ drop say: stupid or just incurious?”

You cannot solve a problem that is not real

We all have moments of brilliance and hours of stupidity, or some version of “not brilliant”

Some people take it in stride… this is how it is, no matter who you are. Einstein had moments of brilliance… and hours, days of stupidity too.

If life were not like that, brilliant/stupid alternating, there would be no life on the planet… we would all die of exhaustion.

Brilliance is not the only “peak experience” we all crave and wand to keep around all the time. So we are with pretty, and nice, and helpful, and all the other made up “solutions” to our failings… And, as I have said before, every solution is the beginning of a bigger problem.

I got raped because I was stupid, I said. Continue reading “You cannot solve a problem that is not real”

Why you go for more knowledge, more and more and more…

I just finished reading a book, a NY times bestseller.

In it a scientist discovers two life enhancing treatments: one makes you smarter, the other makes you live longer.

People go crazy to live longer, and don’t care to get smarter. 1As I am looking to find some good pictures to illustrate this article, I am finding that people have NO IDEA what it is, or what it would look like to be smarter. So they don’t even go there. Continue reading “Why you go for more knowledge, more and more and more…”