What is your self-image? Are self-image questions, personality profiles, Kolbe test give you a correct answer?

True-Self-Test-True-Self-IQThere is a fundamental built-in error in tests that involve answering questions about ourselves.

I have found that personality tests that rely on your knowing yourself and to predict what you would do in certain situations, are profoundly flawed. 1

I say this after working with thousands of people, one-on-one, observing them, feeling them (I am an empath) and comparing who and how they are compared to what they say about themselves.

The gap is significant between the two.

You believe yourself different from who you are, and you fill out your questionnaire by your belief. But your actions will still be consistent with who you really are, how you really behave, your real attitude, your real self, and you’ll be way off in your test results… 2

You’ll be like the mad hero, Don Quixote, who lived in a world of his own design, unaware that he was out of sync, and that his actions were mad in the real world. 3
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The machine that runs your life

crash and burn machine of your lifeMy stunning discovery that my conscious thoughts don’t direct my actions may spell out why you are where you are, and why you can’t move from where you are to where you’d like to be… without energetic support.

Now, truth be told, I should have discovered that fact earlier, after all I have read it, but there is a difference between reading something and nodding, and actually discovering it for yourself.

Here is a below the conscious element, you have if you are a Christian or if your religion is “manifesting” or the Law of Attraction: “If somebody else will do it, you’ll never do it.. why bother, why interfere in fate?”

Here is another one: “I can’t.” And unless you build a below the conscious reality in which you can, in which you are someone who can, it will run your life, no matter what affirmations, what mind-movies you expose your conscious mind to… because this is how it works.

The difference is the difference between Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life… mind stuff, and personal truth.
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