Impostor Syndrome – One stumbling block to becoming an Expanding Human Being

writers-block-4This article is an old one… republished here…

It is puzzling to watch people not taking any actions that would make a lot of sense for them to take. They will cling, tooth and nail, to some status quo that only they see: it seems that they don’t want to find out that they can, and they don’t want to find out that they can’t.

This relegates them into the status of has-been, or never-been. You can’t hold onto anything, because anything that isn’t growing is dying. And you can’t become something more without growing.

Growing is risk: the risk that you need to find out that you are not as good (or not as bad) as you thought, pretended, claimed you were. Well… suck it up… but most people can’t and won’t.
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Republished: The secret words that activate a dormant DNA

Rada Cannon memeAfter your anchor-to-doom attachment is pulled… A whole new set of choices show up… Will you choose differently? All future depends on that.

As you know I use my own life as a kind of laboratory to test if there are really changes when I say there will be changes, and if indeed the new choices will give you a new life.

I am at a point of choice, so let us see the whole process, and see what we see. OK?

For background, enough to suffice, I hope, that just having a website, one website, and even lots of unique articles won’t get you far in today’s economy. You need to have and you need to do a lot more to make a living.

About six-seven weeks ago I set up such a supportive system on a well recommended web hosting site, and it took a lot of work. Then the web hosting site decided to do some internal work, and it hasn’t gone well. My supportive system (100 websites) is entirely offline. I am paying 99 dollars rent. And they don’t seem to care about me.

Now, here it is where it gets juicy for our purposes.
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What do you need to do to raise your vibration?

suck-it-upMary asks: what do I need to do to raise my vibration?

To be able to answer that question, we need to agree on what the vibrational number indicates.

What does the vibrational number indicate?

Unfortunately, unlike a speedometer that only measures one thing: speed, unlike a thermometer, that only measures one thing, temperature, the vibrational scale measures a lot more.

And the Anna Karenina principle starts kicking in: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Or the way Aristotle expressed it: For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.
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Why Are You Attracted to Bad News? Unhook yourself from worry, fear, opinions

wurry the cat... aka worrySummary: worry, fear, opinions makes us stuck in the future or in the past, and we completely miss the present, where life happens. At best worry, fear, opinions just make us miserable. At worst what we don’t handle in the present kills us… Either way, we miss life, we miss our power… What a waste

“Once, there were three kittens named Murry, Furry and Wurry…” 1

I’ll admit to fabricating Murry and Furry, but you and I both know that Wurry is often pampered and protected like a cherished pet. We talk about our Wurry and cuddle it. We share our Wurry with others, hoping they will choose to love our Wurry as we do.
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Suck it up?

frozen waterfall... the flow of life is interrupted... let goI used to have clients and friends that their biggest complaint of others was that they wanted them to suck it up.

What does it mean ‘suck it up’? It simply means: “stop complaining, and say “f… it!” and move on.

This seems the hardest thing for humans to do… maybe even harder than summoning the courage to be alone, to read, to stop overeating, or do some “real” work.

I wouldn’t be writing about this, if I hadn’t had a recent run-in with the need to suck it up.

As you may know, I am a new Amazon seller. I am doing that so I don’t have to depend on you, my dear reader, on my livelihood, and that I can tell you the way it is, without sugarcoating it, without trying to make you like me… spend money with me… etc.
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