Superpowers: the magic of synergy

Sometimes you need to see a bad attitude, a bad behavior, and suspect that what you are looking at is a mirror. Ugh.

I saw ingratitude with one of my clients and it was killing me.

It took me some time, but I started to see my own attitude in the client.

Whenever I see something ugly about myself I swing into action… Remember? There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent… Why? I am sure it’s ego. I am sure it’s superiority.

But ego and superiority can fuel growth… and I use it abundantly. 1I have gone back to expanding the practice of generosity: beyond what I have allowed myself to do.

I started to see that generous and stingy keep me stuck… so I have been attacking this capacity with a chisel and a hammer. It is work and it is painful. It feels like I am peeling my own skin, and actually that is what I am doing.

It seems that generosity is letting go… Allowing… Much more than giving stuff, even time.

I am taking specific actions, because only actions will matter. Insights are a dime a dozen, and accidental actions won’t create a new me.
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