The Pendulum: Descent to the age of madness

What is madness? There are probably more medically approved ways to say what I am going to say, but madness is simply when you interact with figments of your imagination considering it real or reality.

And it seems that it has taken over 70% of humanity… including my revered teacher whose teaching has caused me to finally make a living instead of getting by.

But he is a goner… in la-la land, his once 200 vibration is now dropped to 70. He rants and raves… and looks at anyone who thinks differently as mad themselves.

I was on two calls with him yesterday, group call. My stomach is still unhappy just remembering the experience. Sea-sickness… you get when the world you knew… land… starts shaking.

I haven’t checked the results of the election, but I don’t think I have to. 70% of humanity and 50% of Americans joined the asylum…

But until this morning it didn’t compute. Why? What is going on? Continue reading “The Pendulum: Descent to the age of madness”