Learning to learn… how you learn makes all the difference… What is the theta state of mind?

Some days I just can’t write. I don’t want to write.

Some days it doesn’t make any sense to me to write. It feels like I have done all I will ever do, and it hasn’t made a difference.

One of the main stumbling block for me to being able to make a difference for you, is how you listen.

You listen with a certain economy. You want to make sure that what you hear is relevant, what you hear is true, what you hear is worth listening to.

How do you make the decision what to FOCUS on?

brain-statesYou go to the only place you have: your mind.

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You are hardwired to be bad and pretend to be good or better than others

make me be the person my dog sees when he looks at meUntil you can look inside at your ugliness, at your emptiness, at your hatefulness, spitefulness, gossipy judgmental behavior, and see it for what it is, you will NEVER raise your vibration.

But you have an issue: that ugliness is hardwired into humans. Continue reading “You are hardwired to be bad and pretend to be good or better than others”

Why is awareness the predictor of future success, why not skills or knowledge?

shearling-coat-2The first few steps in the 67 steps are long, rich, convoluted audios. Why? Because no matter how long the audio, you’ll only get one little thing, if that, because the cone of vision of your awareness is as wide as a pencil.

Did I notice, did I take in all he spoke about my first time around doing the 67 steps? No. I didn’t.

It is like traveling in a car. If you look out the window, you miss the conversation in the car. If you take part in the conversation in the car, you miss the whole trip. If you read, if you are hungry…

The goal is to expand the cone of awareness so it’s wide. So you can see the view, partake in the conversation, and maybe even be hungry…

Now, that is, increasing your awareness is the goal… but how does it effect success?

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A short meditation to step out of your mind and the noise in your head

rejuvenating short meditationHere’s an awareness exercise (meditation) that I particularly like for rejuvenating yourself with silence:

Sit up straight.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths to settle down. (if you know how to center yourself, you can do it first)

Then here’s what to do with your awareness:

Eyes closed, get a sense of the end of your personal space in front of you. It’s an energetic phenomenon, mine is about three feet… You’ll feel it.
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Happiness is a rope dance, walking a thin line. No wonder you are not happy… or how lack of humility is the big issue

walking a thin line tight-rope dancerLittle more about humility… the cog in the wheel

One detrimental functions of “lack of humility” as a capacity, is that you can’t change your mind about your past.

My Playground program was about changing your mind by changing your view…

At the time I didn’t know about capacities, so I could not tell how come someone can and others can’t change their mind.

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, in spite of all the reframing we did, only one person could change her mind, really, and even her, only changed her mind, retrospectively, when she finally got humility, the capacity, turned on.

It’s clear to me now, that you can do all the right things and still get no results if you have something missing in the foundation.
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Powerful, powerless… how can you tell?

being-an-adult or being a sissyI have been getting attachments. I am noticing, they come mostly on the weekends.

So the sender or senders are working slobs… and tormenting people is their hobby.

They are, I think, using voodooo techniques: making a model of me, and pushing pins in the model.

The reason I think it is a voodoo doll, because they are getting very precise, whereas a healer who intends to heal, is very sloppy, otherwise why would they connect to another they intend to heal in their eyes, throat, of sinuses… would make no sense.

So yesterday I had four attachments on my head, in a straight line, like a mohawk head dress, and by this morning they added a fifth, smack in my Tangerine Spot.

I must be standing in the vertical dimension, because there is no anger, no anguish, no fear, no hurry… nothing. Just headache.

Now, I am sharing this for two reasons:
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Greed, reactivity, wanting

You may or may not know, but I have been battling some energetic attachments, that keep coming back.

An attachment is like a snake: it goes deep and eats you from the inside out.

It’s been a week, maybe more. Quite horrible, if you ask me.

This morning, thinking of the workshops over the weekend, it was time to take a serious look at this situation.

Can I lead a webinar if an attachment jumps on me while I am leading? And it will, if today is any indication: since 7 am I have removed it more than 10 times… so the frequency is about 30 minutes.

Turns out that I can connect to Source, I just can’t feel it, because the sensation in my Tangerine Spot is overpowered by the attachment, one of them, that is about an inch only from my Tangerine Spot.

So I consulted Source, went deep within, and waited for intuition.

This is what I have gotten so far:
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What do you use to avoid process?

here-is-the-processI just noticed that guessing is not a good method in process… neither is faking it, winging it, etc. It’s not a process if someone else cannot follow in your footstep! Ugh.

I can see that I need to change more things than one… especially guessing… I find it irresistibly funny… lol… even though I am not sure what is making me laugh out loud. But it tickles my funny bone that all my habits fly in the face of process.

Ego is trying to assert itself, yelling that it’s boring…

Some 30 years ago I participated in a seminar series on and for creativity. I have one thing I still remember: don’t bring creativity to how you wash your teeth. Bring creativity where it is called for…

And only having the process capacity now 7%, that I can see that I have been trying to do creativity on mundane actions, because I was locked out from where real creativity would have mattered: creating working processes.
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I got a nasty attachment this morning… nice people… appreciation capacity

the unwashed hands... the origin of most of our attachments that are killing usI see the so-called distance healers the same as the people who use coat hangers to perform an abortion. They may kill the child, they may kill both.

They pretend to be on your side, but really they are all about “desire for the self alone”.

Distance healers leave their “channel” in you… like coat hanger abortioners leave the dirt and pathogens in you. And then you are on your own… suddenly not well. Suddenly carrying the proof of their guilt.

I was directly attacked by a “distance healer” today. They aimed at my tangerine spot but they don’t know where it is, so they missed it by about an inch. I pulled the attachment right away, but the skull where the attachment hit is now sore. Very sore.

Nice people.
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Conscious Awareness UPDATED

spark of conscious awareness is building up Conscious awareness, this is the expression I have learned, so far, from reading the Anastasia books, The Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

It sounds like a puny takeaway, but it is major in its implications.

It has raised MY conscious awareness of what and how I am teaching.

You know, from time to time you can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t… lol

On my webinar calls, I teach you to step back, I teach you to find your Tangerine Spot, I teach you to lift it with your attention…

Let me stop here, because there is enough to say about those three distinctions that have left students at my mercy.
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