Seeing the big picture… wide cone of vision and a TED talk

child learning vs adult learningFinally a TED talk that explains why seeing the big picture is such an amazing capacity. Why it can alter your life. Why it allows you to learn. Why it takes you out of the fear of making mistakes…

It also explains why “normal” adults stop being able to learn, experiment, be creative…

One student asks:

If I have identified something as worth having/knowing, when I set out to read a book or take a class, if there is an agenda there, what do I do with that agenda? How, if I could, would I abandon what I think I should be going after to pursue life as more of an experiment? Does the courage to walk away from what I think is the path, the missing piece?

The agenda he is talking about is the “economical” little (or big) piece you want out of your activity. And once you fix what you want, you’ll see nothing else, like a machine.

No creativity, no growth, no experimentation. Dull. Boring. And a perfect waste of a life.
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Tai Lopez reading method: can it work for you?

tai lopez book a day dietTai Lopez’s reading method… and what he can’t see he cannot teach you, because for him it is like water for the fish… invisible.

Tai Lopez started to read when he was barely potty trained. And has read, ever since.

His grandfather gave him the kinds of books that train circular reading… the history of the world, encyclopedia…

Thus he build a body of knowledge, a fertile soil, that almost any new information can sprout roots into.

In this regard, he is unique, and as different from most people, as he can be.

He has a reading method, the book-a-day method, that he teaches to people who have no body of knowledge, no fertile soil… and the question is: can the method be useful for you? Continue reading “Tai Lopez reading method: can it work for you?”

5 Characteristics Of Grit — How Many Do You Have?

be creative and persistentReprinted from Forbes… 1

Recently some close friends visited, both of whom have worked in education with adolescents for over 40 years. We were talking about students in general and when I asked what has changed with regards to the character of kids, in unison they said “grit” – or more specifically, lack thereof. There seems to be growing concern among teachers that kids these days are growing soft.

When I took a deeper dive, I found that what my friends have been observing in-the-field, researchers have been measuring in the lab. The role grit plays in success has become a topic du jour, spearheaded by Angela Duckworth, who was catapulted to the forefront of the field after delivering a TED talk which has since been viewed well over a million times.
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Is Tai Lopez 67 steps a fraud or have you been defrauded? the bad news…

work_is_a_four_letter_wordI have been pondering something that has been really bothering me. I have diagnosed it 90% accurately, but I have no idea how to change it.

And that is the cultural shift towards avoiding work.

I first woke up to it when my favorite teacher, Robert Plank, called it a four letter word, and avoided using it.

The weird and disorienting fact was this: Robert loved getting things done. Actually really loved it. So it was the word, somehow, that appalled him. He lives in California… I thought maybe it had something to do with it.

But since then I realized that it is all over the place.

The media teaches us that work is ugly, or not necessary, or if you are smart you don’t have to work… and today any type of work is included. Even school work…
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