How much do you fancy your hour is worth? And your life?

mai tai or how much your life is worth without itValue, worth is a very interesting concept. It tells everything anyone needs to know about you.

Commerce, and most interactions are value-exchange-based when healthy.

But who defines what is value and how much?

Before we can go deeply into that, let’s look what you have that is of value…

Some of it is of value to you, some of it is of value to someone else.

You have your time. Instead of doing anything you want with it, some of it you’ll turn into value that you can sell. In exchange of something that you value more or equally as your time Continue reading “How much do you fancy your hour is worth? And your life?”

A life worth living… But what is a life worth living?

your-shadow-is-living-a-life-worth-livingWe had a fabulous session in the From Upset To Communication course yesterday.

One of the things a good course leader does regularly, is ask people the question what they are up to.

What are you up to? What is the purpose that makes it worth for you doing this course?

The purpose of communication

The purpose of communication is to make something happen through other people: more love, more money, more prestige, peace, sell more, make an agreement… the something is not defined. Lots of things. Continue reading “A life worth living… But what is a life worth living?”

Many people grieve continuously. What do you grieve for? Is it grief or is it depression?

grieving lossBelieve it or not, grieving 1 is ALWAYS for what could have been. For the loss of a future.

Whether it is in a relationship, or adventure, or riches, or living a fulfilled life. Opportunities missed, a life missed.

If feels like an occasional hiccup like desire to weep, hiccup from a deep sorrow base.
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Judgment vs observation, surrender vs resistance?

A bug free mind reader question. How to tell judgment from observation, surrender from resistance?

As I mentioned in a previous article, the Bug Free books** 1 can be your kindergarten, elementary school and maybe even your college… Then you need, if you are ambitious enough, if you have done well enough in those grades, you can start working with me.

Yesterday I had a session with a student, and that really drove it home for me.

Attending a class with me gives you the instant illusion that you have learned something. That you know something.
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Vibrational Reviews: Krishnamurti, Michael Beckwith, etc,

Here is another batch of vibrational reviews of Richard Rudd (Gene Keys), Thorwald Dethlefsen, Rudiger Dahlke, “the healing power of sickness”), Jordan David Pearce, The Spirit Science, The Atlantis King, Amit Goswami, “The Quantum Activist”, pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living, Michael Bernoff, Dawn Abraham , Jiddu Krishnamurti, Anthony de Mello, Thomas Merton, Quantum Confidence, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Robert Smith, Faster Eft,Sonia Choquette,Tapas Fleming,TAT,Morry Zelcovitch. Some of these I have measured before, the numbers are going down…
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What is a spiritual practice? And what does it have to do with raising your vibration?

self-awareness-2Spiritual practices are the tools we have to activate our capacities, including the new capacities just received on September 4-5.

The expression, spiritual practice, has two parts:

  1. Practice: something you do again and again, until it becomes second nature to you. Like driving. Like touch-typing, like reading. First it is chunky, you need all you got to perform the task, and you experience more failures than successes, like in learning to ride a bicycle… in learning to walk.

    to-insist-on-spiritual-practiceOnce you rise on the levels of learning, from unconscious incompetence, to conscious incompetence, to conscious competence (you still need to think about it!) to unconscious competence, you need to pick another spiritual practice, otherwise you will be stuck with thousands of capacities not used. Still in the basement of your being.
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