How to go from passenger to the driver of your life?

The secret is SEEING.

Seeing is a metaskill, says the visual artist.

He probably meant a skill that takes you to the next century. Because it is undeniable that as the world changes, the skillset that makes people make a living even now is not enough to make a living in the future…

Meta, the word, means a go-between. Like a bridge. Going between one and another piece… Like the gap between two things.

And maybe I am twisting words, but unless you have that bridge between how it is, and how you envision it, there is no path.

When I look at the people I have trained, I have consulted, I have had conversations with, the most obvious missing skill was this bridge: seeing it, building it, walking it. Continue reading “How to go from passenger to the driver of your life?”

Who are your customers? are you selling what they want?

who are your customers?I just had my first ‘podcast call’ with Bonnie, one of my newer students. I really like her. Her first question hit me unexpectedly low: she asked: who are you making the podcast for… who is going to listen to it? who are your customers?

I hadn’t given it any thought… I only thought of what I wanted to teach… hm. Continue reading “Who are your customers? are you selling what they want?”

“What you would seem to be, be really.” Russian Proverb

Your elbow is close, yet you can’t bite it… another Russian proverb…

Your mind says: I am not enough… it has been saying it for a long time… but nothing has changed.

It is Monday Morning and I am already not enough.

I just read the Monday Morning Memo, and it answered my nagging question: why am I not more successful? And answered it in a way that turned me into a heap of meat: I can’t do what it tells people to do… put sentences the way he says…

I can’t. I’ll never amount to much… maybe it’s time to pack it in.

I am pondering what he teaches, I am pondering my inability, I am pondering how I can live, have the audacity to live, now that I know.

I am pondering, as always, while I play Freecell, a computer card game. A completely impossible setup solves itself… I win the game. Continue reading ““What you would seem to be, be really.” Russian Proverb”