The 3 great mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish…

The three great mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to itself.

But how do you look beyond yourself when you’re so… you? How does the fish recognize water when it’s all it has ever known? How does it even learn to question: the great invisible breath of life?

I have no answers, but maybe like the bird diving from the tree’s edge for the first time, we have to return to something similar to our youths to find ourselves. To find the answers to the mystery that is us maybe we have to go back and visit a time when we never were so sure, a time when we were not so certain in ourselves. A rebirth of sorts.

All power comes from the invisible reality. The hard to see, the hard to pinpoint, the hard to communicate to others, reality.

My whole work, my life’s work is to dig out what is invisible with the eyes, what is difficult to sense with your other sensory organs.

I have trained myself to become as close to laser sharp as possible. I read books for that purpose, for the vocabulary. For the context. For how others think, feel, choose. Continue reading “The 3 great mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish…”

Truth value: what am I looking at to come up with a number?

The invisible and its relationship to truth value

I bought a book today (Ikagai 1 for business) on creating a purpose, both individually, and for a business.

I have just started reading it… I measured its truth value. It’s 20%.

And then I had the idea of asking a different question I have been meaning to ask: How much of the missing 80% is something that the person doesn’t say, cannot say, because he doesn’t know? And it was high: 70%. And the remaining 10% is just simple untruth, mistake, wrong knowledge.

Then I got a report from one of my students/accountability partners. He says:

I spent some time pondering. I saw the value and the importance of seeing things for myself, taking time to gather my own evidence to support views, to make it my own. To keep moving towards clarity. Otherwise, I’m just repeating memes, i.e. lying. The difference between assessment and assertion

My heart smiled. He is getting it. His truth value is growing.

99% of the world repeats memes, Tree of Knowledge, that they have no personal evidence for, experience about, they just words that maybe even the writer or the speaker is just repeating. Utterances. But they are repeating “truth”… and in their mouths the truth becomes a lie.

And it isn’t just Bible thumping folks, it is university professors, PhD’s, doctors, gurus, healers… and not the least: you. Continue reading “Truth value: what am I looking at to come up with a number?”