Learning? What’s between you and learning? What’s between you and growing?

You have been seeing that if you wanted all out of life, you needed to learn new things, you needed to grow as a person. and you saw that no matter how hard you tried… it wasn’t happening.

Some of my articles, some of my emails hit a resonant chord with some old students of mine… It just happened.

A past student, someone who wasn’t willing to grow because growing didn’t make her look already good, because it didn’t fill her itch. Continue reading “Learning? What’s between you and learning? What’s between you and growing?”

What makes you chasing your tail?

I started to do this work 13 years ago in earnest. That is when I found out that I could connect to Source whenever, wherever… no problem, no effort. So I started to connect frequently.

That is when the negotiations between Source and me began.

I wanted to be the one to do this work: taking humanity back into the evolutionary process, so they can reach the evolutionary state of human being.

Source said no.

I get energized by no. I have proven it time and time again… so I doubled up on the work I was already doing. And by 2011 I achieved a tentative yes. Tentative. Source doesn’t offer tenure… lol.

I didn’t have a desire. I had an intention. I had the ambition. I was and I am still doing whatever it takes. Continue reading “What makes you chasing your tail?”

Not as successful as you would like to be?

needyWhat prevents you from growing, what prevents you from becoming all you can become?

Ambition is what makes people grow, ambition is what makes people accomplish things that are not easy.

But ambition is kept in check… as I said above, by desire that everybody says is good for you… Bah humbug.

Let’s see what the words actually mean before we continue.

Ambition is directing your motive power, your inner motive power towards the accomplishment of something: learning, building, mastering. In my view, the beingness view: ambition is the willingness to go/do for what you want. Continue reading “Not as successful as you would like to be?”

The story behind the story

The story behind the story, behind the story, behind the story…

The invisible parts of the story is also a story.

A story can be just the telling of what happened and all the thoughts, emotions, interpretions the teller of the story added.

The tricky thing is to see all the stories… and then see what actually happened in reality separate from what you made up about it.

In digging for the itch, the need that wasn’t provided in an incident, that was deliberately taken away, and now running our lives, we experienced this layeredness of the story…

Everybody’s, including my own. Continue reading “The story behind the story”