Cancer: The unexpected results of positive thinking

think-positive-collage2Whoever thought that the well-meaning positive thinking will become a prison and a sentence to a ‘no joy life’ for most who become a “practitioner” of it, about 80% of humanity at this time.

Whether you know it or not, your powers of comprehension depend on your powers of distinguishing.

In the old est training, the trainers came to the room on the first day blasting: “for you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always” and they were as accurate as accurate they would be today: you can’t tell your ass from your elbow.

This is true for everybody, including yours truly… the difference is only in degrees. No one is exempt from it.

The capacity to see differences clearly is called astuteness. The capacity to tell apart similar things, to name them and claim them.

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How does your past get into your future… and make you repeat the same life

I have an older blog that is attacked by hackers every week. They install malware… so I don’t want you to go there…

It’s an old website, more than 10 years ago it was my main blog. Most of it is still useful. 1

I have started to move the old blog posts, one by one, to my site.

One of those posts reminded me, that until you get what I am writing in it, your future will be much like your past.

While I was researching for pictures, I found that what I am teaching is against the mainstream ineffective, all in the visible… the mind is powerful type of teaching.

Reality, if you watch a person, reality doesn’t work the way THOSE people, those memes, those motivational speakers tell you it works. The nature of reality is that 90% of what moves anything or anyone, the CAUSE, is in the invisible/unconscious domain of life. Continue reading “How does your past get into your future… and make you repeat the same life”

When you are afraid… what is there to do?

I am doing a business project with my brand spanking new coach… and…

As it was predictable, this is my fourth day only, I already got to a place, where fear is coming up.

I am glad, because I am so rarely afraid. This will give me an opportunity to notice something Tree of Life for my scaredy cat clients and students.

So I am afraid. IT, the voice, is whispering sweet nothings into my ear, lol. “It’s not important.” “You are already fine.” “What if you lose all the money you’ve made?” “he doesn’t know…” Continue reading “When you are afraid… what is there to do?”

The mind is the stupid part of you…

Your mind, your stupid part, has no direct knowledge about reality. It has no concern, no regard to reality… It has in it what the memes have programmed it to have… 1% reality, 99% b.s. And your mind is, therefore, your worst friend. It is killing YOU and it is killing your life… sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast. 1

Every Tuesday I read my email to find my weekly horoscope, and here it goes… again. Setting a context for my life, a context I could have never dreamed up myself… Rob Brezsny and his weekly horoscopes I would not want to miss. Continue reading “The mind is the stupid part of you…”

Your physiology and psychology work hand in hand… And how can meditation work for you… finally

co-creationIn some regards I am still a Twitchy Little Bastard… even though outwardly my behavior has calmed down a lot.

What am I talking about?

A Twitchy Little Bastard is someone who acts without regard to the future, without considering if the action is sustainable or not. 1

I am looking at this phenomenon from a different vantage point: your quick to react, your high-sprung state.

I am looking to prove to you that your physiology and your psychology, your body and your mind are intimately connected.

That you calm down one and the other calms down too. Continue reading “Your physiology and psychology work hand in hand… And how can meditation work for you… finally”

What can geniuses teach you… no matter what is your IQ

I just finished reading an article online, a National Geographic article on genius.

Like Tai makes us look at billionaires to learn from, I am looking at genius to learn from how to teach you.

I’ve read the article. I found it occasionally irritating.

It’s not a conscious irritation, like “nooo, you don’t know! or Nooo, not true!” you often experience when you hear something or read something you don’t like.

This was an irritation I just noticed… after I read the article.

So let me deal with this first, so I can get to what I want to say:

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Approval Addiction: the main symptom of no self, no core, no courage

Statistics show that nearly 100% of the population is addicted to the approval of others, yet few of us are aware of it. And for average person with modest goals, it doesn’t really matter.

The problem arises when an ambitious person decides to build a career, business or pursue dream that requires substantial exposure to rejection. Studies show that over 80% of these people abandon their ambition within the first 12 months due to the pain of daily disapproval.

This is how Approval Addiction shatters dreams.

Approval addiction comes from the misunderstanding and the distortion of what the Tree of Life need, the need to meet the expectation of others tells you. Continue reading “Approval Addiction: the main symptom of no self, no core, no courage”

How much energy do you need to create the good life and maintain it?

how much energy do you need to create the good life and maintain it?If you want to grow as a person, or grow anything worth growing, you need energy. Lots of it. Continuously.

Physical law says that systems, unless they are very highly organized closed systems, like the brain, will fall apart with time (entropy)… Your life is NOT highly organized, because it is not a closed system. So in order for it to stay organized and effective, it needs a ton of energy to be injected, continually.

Left alone, your life starts falling apart. This is what happens during holidays and vacations.

Injecting energy into your life is going to be a crucial distinction you need to learn.

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Build your house on rock: Starting from what is, instead of a delusion

build-your-house-on-rockMy disastrous conversation with the zealous Christian on the other end of the phone opened my eye to something I could not see clearly before.

What I saw is where religion, the popularized version, and where modern spiritual teacherdom overlap and join forces to dupe you.

Before I start:

does your experience of yourself match these principles:
–you are already perfect.
–You are already divine, you just don’t know it.

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Commitment… the c-word


When a crocodile slams its jaws shut, the energy it summons is powerful. But when the beast opens its jaws, the force it exerts is weak.

That’s because the muscles used to close the mouth are much more robust than the muscles used to open.

I’m wondering if an analogous story might be told about you these days. Are you more prone to close down than to open up?

Is it easier for you to resist, avoid, and say no than it is to be receptive, extend a welcome, and say yes?

If so, please consider cultivating a better balance. You need both capacities running at full strength in the coming days.

Humans shy away from commitments: Jaws open… allowing. Why?

Because commitment feels like bondage, like voluntary enslavement, like saying a lot of no’s to a lot of nice things… the end of a life of liberty. Life opening up, and you need to stay open.
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