Did we crack the key to happiness yesterday?

Life is a puzzle, life is a mystery.

Advice on how to be happy is on 360 million pages, and yet seeing a genuinely happy person is very rare.

All morning I have Hungarian cabaret type songs in my head… One asks a question: Daddy, how does the big elephant go into the lion’s cave when the lion invited him for tea? If he only puts his trunk in, that is very neglectful, because by the time he siphons up his tea, the lion will bite down his trunk… lol.

The second… what I hope for our children and grandchildren is to be free, to not bow down to anyone, to become a human being… weep weep.

Yesterday’s “Talk to Me” was the best we have ever had. Small in numbers, diverse in cultural affiliation. Continue reading “Did we crack the key to happiness yesterday?”