What makes soap operas addictive? What are YOU hooked on?

got its hooks in youVery “interesting” experience. I watched the first year of Dexter, and although I wanted to watch all episodes, the first year was not addictive.

But I had a premonition about the rest of the series.

Made up by skilled television writers, I knew it was going to be something dangerous to my well-being.

Unneeded complications, many different side-story lines, all dramatic and irrelevant, all stories I would not watch Netflix for. But all of these side-stories had a claw as sharp as the tiny hooks of burr… of velcro.

I felt myself getting hooked on the horizontal world, the irrelevant, the shallow, the dramatic nothing.

And I can feel the ego now clawing for me to return… as if I could not survive without that drek. I am serious. The pull is tremendous.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because this is how the horizontal, the family, the circle of friends, the news, the elections, social media hooks you. On the world or irrelevant, with tiny hooks like velcro.
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How to enter growth mode the easy way?

yummy sinful sundae

In life you are either growing or you are shrinking. You are either moving or you are stuck.

When you grow, you feel wonderful, When you shrink, you feel horrible…

This article is about a method to to cause your own growth in a gentle easy way, little by little.

Below is my horoscope for the week.

In this article I will show you some thinking, constructive thinking moves that you could start practicing, so you can become closer to being a Human Being than you are now… mostly just having thoughts, automatic thoughts that drive you crazy, drive you to hiding, drive you to insomnia, drive you to drinking, eating, surfing, Facebook, and other activities that don’t serve you.

Here is the horoscope:
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