If you have low integrity, your communication has no power

Without integrity you can’t communicate…

You can talk, but your word has no power. It doesn’t get things done.

Communication is making things happen… making what you intend to happen happen.

Communication is having people want to do what you want them to do. Anything less is not communication. It is merely talking. Continue reading “If you have low integrity, your communication has no power”

What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?

joy: just the right amount of sleepJust the right amount of sleep!

That is what I say when I wake up with a light-clock… its light comes on at 3 am slowly, and by 4 am, between sleep cycles. I wake up and have a choice to get up or to sleep more.

Today I got up. But I was very sleepy. It felt like someone inside, not me, wanted desperately to sleep more. It’s been an hour now, and the ‘person inside’ is still whining, insisting that i go back to sleep. Continue reading “What does it take to get lots of joy in your life?”

So you want to be a winner? Let’s see how to go about it

Let’s say you would like to be a winner… Create yourself as a winner…

What do you need to chuck, discard, leave behind, toss if you really want to create yourself? Continue reading “So you want to be a winner? Let’s see how to go about it”

Mastering your word to make things happen

mastering your wordWhy can’t you make things happen? Why can’t you make your life work…

You’ll hate me for this… but hate me as much as you want, this is why: Your integrity is shot.

Without integrity nothing works. Sounds very general, and definitely doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you: you are always on time, you brush your teeth twice a day, you keep your diet, you don’t cheat on your spouse… so what am I talking about?

I’ll explain it in a little bit, but let me just say something more:

Whenever ANYTHING doesn’t work about my life, about any of my relationship, about my health, about my work, about my money, I automatically go to my integrity.

I say: what is the integrity issue that I have that this is what I see… the area not working.

The out-of-integrity can be in many different ways, so I have a checklist: 1

    • have I been keeping my word? to myself, or to anyone…
    • is anything hidden? half-truths? pretenses? misleading others? hidden agendas? false statements?
    • have I skimped on any of my work, my diet, my exercise, my hygiene?

Continue reading “Mastering your word to make things happen”

I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting

I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting.

You’ve been wanting to be the best you can be, and you can’t. You always hit a snag here, a snag there… And it looks hopeless.

You are ashamed of yourself. You try to hide, but it doesn’t help. Because you know.

You feel like an impostor… But you are normal.

Humans aren’t built to be all good. Humans can improve, correct what there is to correct, to a certain degree, but not all through.

Why? Because, and don’t believe a word I say, the human soul, originally, was built to be 100% selfish, care only about receiving… care only about pleasure… that has been the design.

What the heck am I talking about?

I am talking about Kabbalah‘s version of the birth of the Universe and humanity with it. Continue reading “I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting”

What is the ONE THING that decides your future?

one thing: attention storyOne day a Zen master told his students that he was going to teach a new technique of shooting an arrow.

He instructed his students to cover his eyes with a cloth and then he shot his arrow. When he opened his eyes, he saw the target with no arrow in it and when he looked at his students, they looked embarrassed because their teacher had missed.

The Zen master asked, “What did you learn?” Continue reading “What is the ONE THING that decides your future?”

Feel powerless? What will it take to become powerful?

I have been observing that someone from Tallin, Estonia, a former Soviet Union country, has been spending time on my site.

And then in yesterday’s email, Vishen Lakhiani from Mind Valley announced a new masterclass: Unconditional Self-Love.

I don’t know what his wife is going to teach on that masterclass, but I know one thing: it will be, most likely, really beautiful, nice, heartwarming, and utterly ineffective. Why?

Answering that why is what this article is about… what they won’t teach you at Mindvalley. Continue reading “Feel powerless? What will it take to become powerful?”

Create yourself and your world with your WORD

We had our last What’s Missing workshop for the season yesterday.

What a learning experience it was! Again.

I found out that unbeknownst to me I was still hesitant to believe that I am going to live, that I am not on borrowed time, that if I save money, I’ll have a chance to use it. Continue reading “Create yourself and your world with your WORD”

Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%

When you are not well, you are in survival mode. You live in scarcity. Everything seems to be about you. And not much can change about your life… given the focus (me-me-me) and therefore the questions you ask.

In scarcity everything is an is, and the questions you ask are from that “is”. Everything needs to be fixed, and you can’t very well leave things alone: they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Ugh…

You ask why question. Why is this happening to me? Why are you treating me like this? Why can’t I blah blah blah… get rich, understand, be loved, get well… you know those whiny questions that don’t make a difference, they just make you feel even worse.

“They” teach you that you can change your mindset, that you can easily get out of the scarcity mindset, but they are lying. They ignore that your existence is based on your physical well-being (and vice versa!) and unless you get better, nothing will change.

Your whole being comes from your physiology, mostly from your digestive tract, and thus your eating. Bummer, eh?

When you are well, you can start to ask different questions

Continue reading “Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%”

For you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…

The second part of the title, “except that not always” is doesn’t apply for at least 10% of you: you won’t even see the difference when I point it out. 1

The most frustrating thing is, that you are sure you are saying or understanding the right words… but you don’t. And you blame it on the speaker saying that what they said doesn’t work.

How do I know?

For most people, who become a student in my programs, this is the first hurdle to pass.

You come into my program with a 300 accurate vocabulary, and you only hear the words you think you know what they mean, but that is not what I said.

I only find out what you heard when you tell me my words back to me… wrong. inaccurate. different words. Different meaning. Or Tai’s words, if you are in the 67 steps coaching… 2 Continue reading “For you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…”