There is a Science to life. You want it? Follow it!

There is a Science to Life… and if you want more life, you need to follow it, you need to work WITH Life.

But you, and most everyone else, think yourself smarter than everyone else… and your mantra in life is ‘Don’t tell me what to do!‘ or ‘I’ll do it my way!‘ and you follow your mantra, not Life.

And your life is a true mirror to that attitude: nothing is done exactly, no rules are followed exactly, and your life is shabby, hodge podge, and you are wretched.

Why is it that not every person get the promised results out of reading the book, The Science of Getting Rich? Or any other course or program? Really, why is it that less than 1% do? Is it always the fault of the teacher?

Here are a few things about The Science of Getting Rich, the highest truth value book I have ever measured… Continue reading “There is a Science to life. You want it? Follow it!”