Telling the truth will set you free. Counter-intuitive…

The counter-intuitive path to happiness

Most people won’t adhere to a diet that would make them healthy.

Stupidity? Yes, stupidity on a very deep selfish gene level.

The selfish gene is not interested in you being happy, fulfilled, feeling connected, or even healthy.

If you have been eating crap, and still can copulate, the selfish gene says: OK, he is alive, he can procreate, good. Let’s continue with the program.

If you have been a user, a taker, a parasite, never accomplishing anything… the selfish gene will say: good… Let’s continue with the program.

Some cultures call this the ego, but there is a basic and fundamental difference between these two: the ego does have energy, forceful and strong, that is pulling upwards… In the Tumbleweed article, Ego, the triangle sitting on its side is stronger than the “spirit” that is standing on its point, yet you need the strength of the “ego” triangle to get anywhere…

I even teach somewhere how to whisper to the ego to help you overcome the pull of the Selfish Gene that wants you to continue what keeps you miserable, small, and limited to a survival machine.

It’s NOT that they don’t understand the price they are paying.

It’s that they make choices that the genes are making: not making waves, not bringing attention to themselves, not being different, fitting in is more important than being healthy, having energy, feeling good, calm, being intelligent.

Almost everything “social” is gene directed. I say “almost” because I am humble. I don’t know any social that is NOT gene directed, but there could be, maybe.

So what do the selfish genes want?

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