Disclaimer… Who am I to guide you in your quest to health? The Truth Method

become aware of your own bullshitDisclaimer:

My reviews on health, supplements, and nutrition, practitioners, systems, modalities are based on a little knowledge and a lot of muscle testing. Same with my nutritional consultation.

I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a pharmacist… I am a True Empath, an avid reader, and a very diligent muscle tester. I also test some stuff on myself. To the tune of thousands of dollars worth of stuff a year. 1

I also test on clients: it is never intentional, but it is often a test nevertheless. Watching, observing evaluating, learning new things.

The hardest thing to test is: why something won’t work. Why? Because if you ask stupid questions, you’ll get stupid answers.

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The Truth Method: The Mechanics Video

This is a video from 2012… Because some things don’t change, because they work. But…

The new article from today, about no forcing, has been missing for many people… so I am republishing this article to be on the same page as the “no-forcing” article.

This video shows you how I use muscle testing to tell truth from falsehood: the Truth Method. (also called applied kinesiology, by the way). Two minutes… short enough?

Muscle testing is also called applied kinesiology. Although it is widely used, from the articles that follow you’ll see that it is not as straight forward and reliable as “they” claim it is… Make sure you read the articles after you watch the video. Start here
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It’s not wrong beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty, sickness, or misery

fractal_hand_largeBeliefs are thought forms. Words. Mind-stuff.

The Universe is holographic. Holographic, among others, means that the patterns repeat in big and small things alike. 1

One of the patterns is the tree-like diagram of root-stem-fruit. We’ll examine that pattern in this article

The roots are hidden in the soil. The stem looks the same for most trees. And then the fruit is very specific.

Most self-improvement systems are busy improving the fruit without ever attending, or even being aware of the roots.
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