Telling the truth will set you free. Counter-intuitive…

The counter-intuitive path to happiness

Most people won’t adhere to a diet that would make them healthy.

Stupidity? Yes, stupidity on a very deep selfish gene level.

The selfish gene is not interested in you being happy, fulfilled, feeling connected, or even healthy.

If you have been eating crap, and still can copulate, the selfish gene says: OK, he is alive, he can procreate, good. Let’s continue with the program.

If you have been a user, a taker, a parasite, never accomplishing anything… the selfish gene will say: good… Let’s continue with the program.

Some cultures call this the ego, but there is a basic and fundamental difference between these two: the ego does have energy, forceful and strong, that is pulling upwards… In the Tumbleweed article, Ego, the triangle sitting on its side is stronger than the “spirit” that is standing on its point, yet you need the strength of the “ego” triangle to get anywhere…

I even teach somewhere how to whisper to the ego to help you overcome the pull of the Selfish Gene that wants you to continue what keeps you miserable, small, and limited to a survival machine.

It’s NOT that they don’t understand the price they are paying.

It’s that they make choices that the genes are making: not making waves, not bringing attention to themselves, not being different, fitting in is more important than being healthy, having energy, feeling good, calm, being intelligent.

Almost everything “social” is gene directed. I say “almost” because I am humble. I don’t know any social that is NOT gene directed, but there could be, maybe.

So what do the selfish genes want?

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Are feelings and emotions the same? Do you know?

Telling them apart will make you a happier, more accomplished person!

Why all techniques of increasing Emotional Intelligence are b.s…

…and not effecting the level of happiness, the level of well-being of people who practice it.

Same is true about the Emotional Guidance System of Abraham/ Hicks… b.s. and ineffective. Why? Because they are trying to change the fruits instead of the roots… Putting makeup on syphilitic lesions. 1 Or pimples, if you are squeamish…

Feelings are clean. They do four simple things. Make you go for it, make you stop, direct you towards pleasure and away from pain… They are the seed level. The foundation. 2Feelings are what guides you as an organism to feed yourself, to procreate, to stay safe, or to fight. To have a community to belong to, and to have enough information so you know what to do[/note.]

Emotions are a construct on the top of them, created by words, created by marker feelings, and are a veritable mess.
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Reframing: What is your higher power?

Frame: Your higher power? 1

Back in 1988 I had an emotional meltdown. I suddenly remembered things from my childhood.

I was suggested by someone in Landmark that it would be beneficial for me to join an ACOA group. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I did. I had clear signals that I belonged. #1 of the identifying features of ACOA people is “I don’t know who I am”. 2

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The politically incorrect path to happiness

I popped out of bed this morning. I got a glimpse of something. I don’t know what I saw, because it went by so fast, but it was enough to shoot me out of bed.

Urgency. I am driving my life… and sleeping is almost like I am snoozing in the back of the bus.

This whole idea that you are in the driving seat of your life should hit you as a surprise. Why? Because if and when I observe your behavior, your attitude, it doesn’t look to me that you know it.

This is a long article. Be willing to read it, be willing to be lead to the conclusion. If you jump, you’ll miss the point.

Your hands are not on the steering wheel… you are not pressing the gas pedal, you are in passenger mode, exploring the onboard entertainment, and complain, occasionally about the onboard food, the onboard beverages… unaware that you actually allow the automatic pilot to go wherever it is going…
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Self-image… the lies, the misunderstanding, the delusions… Can you change it?

1b19f2f6d457c34df696dee90d9b0369Let us not confuse ourselves by failing to recognize that there are two kinds of self-confidence — one: a trait of personality and another: that comes from knowledge of a subject. It is no particular credit to the educator to help build the first without building the second. The objective of education is not the production of self-confident fools.” ~ Albert Bandura, Self Efficacy: The Exercise of Control, p.65

When I ask a person about their self-image, they have a different image of themselves consciously than on the first brain unconscious level.

Here are a few examples:Back in 1987 my conscious self-image, the one I promoted, was that I was very smart. My unconscious, automatic self-image was that I was a failure, or more precisely, a failure waiting to happen.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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You’ll withhold celebration until the big prize?

sls-launching-artEvery big achievement is made up of a lot of tiny achievements.

You cannot have an achievement on a level where you are not.

This mistake, thinking that you should be somewhere where you aren’t, is costing you achievement.

Every right step is choosing from thousands of steps, out of which only one step is a right step… and there are a few so-so steps.

The right step comes from assessing the situation right… i.e. being astute, distinguishing something accurately. This is an area where you are very weak, that is why you need the Reclaim program.

I just finished an email conversation with a long-time student who shared, accurately, where he is at. Then he said, that given his soulcorrection, Finish What you Start, the archetype of a liar, telling the truth about where he is at is very good.

I suggested that it’s time to celebrate. He laughed.
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The truth, that I found three layers deep, will set you free

get_out_of_jail_freeI am most famous for my ability to distinguish. Distinguishing is a rare capacity, the ability to tell the forest from the tree. It is solidly based on the ability to peel off layers so one can get to the root… and often below the level that used to be considered the root. Layer below layer below layer.

This past week I had the good fortune to go deeper yet again.
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