What’s the difference between being a winner and winning?

WHO AND THE WHAT climbingUse winner and winning like two walls the hamster uses to climb to the top. Make it a tiny steps method, aka Kaizen. In no time you’ll become a winner

One of the functions the new HERO system can be used is to Change habits… Build new habits. Change who you are.

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Do habits build YOU, or do YOU build habits?

This is an important question, and I have a definite opinion about that… You’ll see why strengthening the power of your word is so important. And building those GABA fibers… No GABA fibers: you are sh!t out of luck.

When I was in my last two years in high school, I did all my school work between 11 pm and 4 am. I got up when my parents went to bed, and the house got quiet.

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