What can you do, what must you do to benefit from the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, of “The Power of your Mind”, and Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies?

If you read yesterday’s article on coherence, my 21 hour (so far) experiment of playing the Coherence Generator… (new name old audio) I can promise you that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Creativity, innovation, growth, learning, takes a lot of coherent energy. When your energies are incoherent, you are troubled, are in a hurry, or are afraid, creativity is impossible.

Just imagine yourself a juggler… because that is what creativity is: being able to keep and move around multiple objects in the air at the same time, so you can see new connections. Really…

Most people can’t keep one thought in the air for longer than seconds… unless they fixate on it… fixating means: all other flying objects fall… So most people have no experience in creativity, because they are mostly incoherent.

And just like with water turning from incoherent to coherent only at a certain vibrational level (frequency?) you also need to raise your vibration to a certain level to become creative. Temporarily, at least. Continue reading “What can you do, what must you do to benefit from the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, of “The Power of your Mind”, and Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies?”

How well do you recognize patterns? How many? This is, essentially, what the IQ tests measure.

It is said that there are only three types of people. (The illustrations I use in this article reveal more patterns, so pay attention, please)

  • 1. make things happen
  • 2. observes things happen
  • 3. ponders what the heck happened.

This is so because of the three different ways to see patterns.

  • 1. recognizes patterns, knows them intimately. The slightest indication of the pattern gives them clue about how things work
  • 2. observes things happen, but doesn’t recognize patterns… unless they are pointed out. And only when they are pointed out. Is satisfied with so-so knowledge, surface… so cannot make things happen
  • 3. can’t even (or won’t even) recognize patterns when they are pointed out. Is in the dark.

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How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives…

I am reading a book, The One Thing. Tai recommended it, so I had been resisting.

But like most of the books Tai recommends, it does have a kernel of gold… Maybe more than one kernel.

One of these is what he says about will power. Quite fascinating and very useful.

He says, that just like glycogen, brain food for thinking, will power uses energy, food, and can be depleted.

I don’t have to rely on will power, because about a year ago I started to reorganize my life to habitually do the things that serve me, and remove the opportunities for doing things that don’t serve me.

It did take will power to establish the habits, but I did it one at a time, and one at a time it was easier to see that the new habits served me. Continue reading “How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives…”

There is no hurry on the creative plane…

there-is-no-hurryWallace D. Wattles said that. One Hundred years ago. 1

Of course he was mistaken in 70% of what he said; your thoughts do not create, etc. and yet. The 30% is worth its weight in gold.

I have been practicing being on the creative plane: no hurry, no competition, no scarcity, you can’t miss anything… Not easy to stay on it… wasn’t even easy to “climb” on it.

It’s been the best thing ever happened to my life.

I see it even clearer by observing my students who are always in a hurry.

Tai has this “patient-impatient” and “impatient-patient” going, and I have to admit that it goes right over my head… just like his PACE categories… but I completely get that if you start anything with the idea that it is going be fast, that it is going to be easy, you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to run out of steam.
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Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results

slow-progressI am completing the third cycle of the 67 steps.

It’s taken me seven months and 10 days…

Lots have changed since I started.

I have, so far, dropped 23 pounds, about 10 kg. My bone structure is starting to show… starting. I didn’t diet, but I completely overhauled my diet, removed everything that doesn’t agree with my body, and added all the nutrients that are essential. I feel good, I have no cravings, and it is very sustainable… I can live like this till the day I die.

I have gone from completely sedentary, because of pain, to sprightly, as some people called me yesterday. I now only have pain when walking.

I am in better mood than ever, I laugh easily, and feel good about my life, about life itself, about being alive. Big change. Continue reading “Case study: how to have spiritual growth with practical results”

What you don’t know that you don’t know is making you fail

sequoia-groveI used to lead introductions to the Landmark Forum.

There is a part in the introduction where you attempt to distinguish for people that most of what’s knowable for a human: you don’t know. Moreover: you don’t know what you don’t know.

Then you ask a simple question: Can you give me an example of what you don’t know that you don’t know?
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Getting things done… fast (12-week Mastery review)

SuperheroIn this article I will share with you a period of my life when things happened with a lightening fast speed, and I made those things happen.

It was 1988, and around February I got fired. It was my fault… I forgot that I was supposed to lie to cover for my employer… and I let the truth slip. So I got fired.

Then I got really depressed. I got thrown out of a program I loved and was really good at in Landmark…

I had no income, no hopes for income, and I was depressed.
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Case study: Attachment removal and what YOU can learn from it

dave-watts-song-thrush-turdus-philomelos-eating-a-worm-ukI started to offer attachment removal in 2015, I think. This is one I did today… and I am sharing it with you because there is a great lesson in it, especially if you read Osho’s words I also included:

She: Do I have any attachments?


yes. you have about 20

She: I really feel weak even though I take the activators. I have a friend at work who’s always monitoring me (who am I with, comments all the time on my facebook, befriends my new friends even if she don’t know them, ask me where I am, wants to know my life all the time etc etc). It really drains me and wondering if she’s one of the attachment.

coworkers can’t put attachments on you, I even don’t know how to do it. Only so called healers, witches, sorcerers can do it… it is a kind of voodoo

UPDATE: since I published this article, originally, I have found that there are “jumping”, infections attachments that jump on you if you connect, energetically, with someone. And then you become an infectious host.
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The tree of consciousness… in practice: climbing the tree of life

fledglingsI am often asked to map out the path to raising your vibration, raising your consciousness, and become a full fledged human being.

The first step to any journey is to find out where you are at now.

As I muscle test people’s vibration… as I am merging my senses with theirs, feeling their feelings, I feel their overall relationship to life. I feel it stronger than they feel it… like a tool that puts your heartbeat on loudspeaker.

Most people give me feedback, saying “spot on” if they are from England, and then follow my first steps to feel better.
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Powerful, powerless… how can you tell?

being-an-adult or being a sissyI have been getting attachments. I am noticing, they come mostly on the weekends.

So the sender or senders are working slobs… and tormenting people is their hobby.

They are, I think, using voodooo techniques: making a model of me, and pushing pins in the model.

The reason I think it is a voodoo doll, because they are getting very precise, whereas a healer who intends to heal, is very sloppy, otherwise why would they connect to another they intend to heal in their eyes, throat, of sinuses… would make no sense.

So yesterday I had four attachments on my head, in a straight line, like a mohawk head dress, and by this morning they added a fifth, smack in my Tangerine Spot.

I must be standing in the vertical dimension, because there is no anger, no anguish, no fear, no hurry… nothing. Just headache.

Now, I am sharing this for two reasons:
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