What human habit makes others richer than Croesus?

croesusTalk about Croesus: Human Design, a company, a system, entirely based on date and time of birth, has started, about ten years ago a thing, called eating style.

I get thousands of visitors a month looking for their eating style.

I did, myself, sent money to get my eating style, and what I got back was something… close to what it should be, but not quite.

The system diagnosed me as a ‘separator’. That I should not put even two different foods in my mouth at the time.

Nearly impossible to follow instructions… no salads, no bread, no soups, no stews, no bread and butter, no tea with milk, no coffee… not worth living. Continue reading “What human habit makes others richer than Croesus?”

Anxious? Fearful? There must be a belief underneath… Let’s handle it!

Everyone has an Achilles Heel. Mine is deceit…

On the surface it looks like I make that behavior wrong… but what is underneath it is a concern.

A concern is what keeps your foot nailed to the floor so you cannot do much more than dance around that nail.

The concern is feelings stupid when I fall for the deceit… when I can be duped, when I am too stupid to be able to tell.

Of course I could say: I love people, I see the best in them, blah blah blah, but that is not the point.

I have an impossible standard for myself to never miss the sign of deceit, to never be found out that I am too stupid to see it a mile away. Continue reading “Anxious? Fearful? There must be a belief underneath… Let’s handle it!”

Emotional detox?

Before you can go up, you need to go down! Just like in building a house. Because unless you clear off the “stuff” and then dig deep to know what’s under the top soil, your house will be warped and collapse in a hurry, often while you are building it.

For most of you this is really bad news, because you are hellbent on staying phony happy, phony loving, phony well… delusionally high self-esteem-ed, and you are unwilling to even look at what is real. But what’s real is real, and if you ignore it it will bite you in the a-s-s. No compassion, no looking, just continuing what isn’t working, and never will work is stupid… Here, I said it. Stupid. Continue reading “Emotional detox?”

Why you feel lost when you feel lost… here is how to find yourself…

What does it mean feeling lost?

When you don’t feel at home in your body, when your feelings, your thoughts pull you out of yourself, you have a sense that you are, somehow, lost in the shuffle. That you don’t have any say in the matter of your life, what you feel, what you do, what you say…

You feel you are put on a roller coaster, and it wasn’t you who put you there…

How did it happen and what can you do about it? How can you find your way back home, to your own self? this is what this article is about.
Continue reading “Why you feel lost when you feel lost… here is how to find yourself…”

Busy? Too busy to get anything done? Move your operation to the creative plane!

I am normally not busy. I hate busyness, in fact I despise busyness.

Busyness is a move to avoid doing anything worth doing, and doing it well.

But… That famous but…

I have committed to building a mobile app for my articles, audios, energies, webinars, workshops, and… well, I got busy.

And then I had a coaching session with a coach, and although it was really great, I still ended up with a lot of questions. So I booked another coaching session with another coach today… and now I am a little clearer on what I need to do…

The problem seems to be, that everything you want takes a lot of work. I mean, a lot of work. Extra work, on top of your already busy life, schedule, what have you. Continue reading “Busy? Too busy to get anything done? Move your operation to the creative plane!”

Truth believed is a lie… or how YOU block energy, how you block the flow

One of the important elements of doing the 67 steps with me is the first thing you need to pay attention in each step: what is the principle/principles in the step… and spell it out for me.

Most people will see principles where there are none. And then they send it to me.

But truth believed is a lie.

Only principles that have stood the test of time, time-tested, life-tested principles…

Unless you can see in your life that it is indeed so, you are repeating something that sounds true, but when you say it it is a lie.

Let’s look at Warren Buffet’s #1 principle: Don’t lose money.

How can you test that? Continue reading “Truth believed is a lie… or how YOU block energy, how you block the flow”

What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?

wheere is the beefYour primary goal is to look

I once did a Landmark Education seminar where the main ‘mantra’ was (I paraphrase the funky Landmark language for you): ‘stand in front of what you can’t see, and keep on looking even though you can’t see anything

Most impatient people (that is most people) latch onto something irrelevant, and stop looking. They are like a dog with a bone… There is no hurry on the creative plane… only on the horizontal plane… what you can see easily is most likely irrelevant, and a sidetrack, preventing you from actually seeing what is important. Continue reading “What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?”