Food allergies… does Source know all the answers?

Egg white is an allergenThere are good days, there are bad days, and there are days when I am hit with stuff I consider bad. Blech.

Today is one of those.

And days like this are a great test if in fact my TLD is as high as I claim as it is. TLD is your Twitchy Little Bastards’ score: how much pain you are willing to take for a delayed benefit.

Where TLD comes in? I find myself already running. I want to take a nap. I want to eat. I want to go unconscious.

Why? Because bad news is not pleasant. And more than that: I need to say it publicly.

I am scared, and I want to hide.

But I am going to swallow the frog (or was it kissing it?) and tell you what’s going on.
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How could you become ready to grow?

I am not ready to grow upI am using Rob Brezsny’s words here… maybe his English communicates better than mine:


Exaggerate your flaws till they turn into virtues Pretend your wounds are exotic tattoos Refuse the gifts that infringe on your freedom Shun sacred places that fill you with boredom Keep in mind it’s bad luck to be superstitious The official story’s always fictitious Pump up your karma with idiot laughter The promised land’s here, not in some hereafter

We are searching for the answers so we can destroy them and dream up better questions

Here are two attitudes that will be useful, invaluable, and mandatory if you want to grow through my programs

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Learning lessons the hard way… or the easy way… Part 2

thought experimentThe brilliance in the movie, “It’s a wonderful life” is that the angel creates a thought experiment what the world would be like if our hero hadn’t been born.

Thought experiments are uniquely human: animals don’t do thought experiments.

The minimum intelligence required to create a thought experiment is 70… and I am not talking about IQ measured intelligence, I am talking about overall intelligence.

The average intelligence in the world is 50… But all my site’s visitors qualify.

So let’s look at that movie and see what is a thought experiment:

If X were different, in the movie take out the main character… and then look at different elements that you know how they are… the marriage, the loan bank, etc. The amount of happiness, the amount of difference.

Now let’s look at different examples of thought experiments, all in the area of my work of becoming someone who loves life, and lives it successfully.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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love, that warm fuzzy feelingIs calling that fuzzy feeling, that uplifting feeling, what the love gurus meant for us to be? The love they say god is?

I don’t think so.

I think no person in their right mind would think that god, whatever that may be, is sitting there loving you up… feeling love.

So what does that make you? A person not in their right mind? Exactly.
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