What can you do with your negative thoughts?

What can you and what can’t you control yet you are trying to…

I am not sure where it came from. It is definitely not part of my heritage…

My hunch that it came from the Peeping Tom myth… also called Christianity. Are you hating me yet?

In that myth the guy in the sky doesn’t only judge your behavior, he also judges your thoughts. Continue reading “What can you do with your negative thoughts?”

Where do your worldview, expectations, beliefs, come from?

I just listened to a Frank Zappa song and I loved it.

Most people I know listen to music. What they call music is songs. You listen to them. And you are put in a trance. The songs are  hypnotic in nature. They implant b.s. in your mind about HOW IT SHOULD BE. About the order of nature. Ugh. (aside: movies too)

I don’t understand the words in American or British songs, but I do understand them in my mother tongue, and those lyrics, although I haven’t heard those songs for 40 years, reverberate in my head. Continue reading “Where do your worldview, expectations, beliefs, come from?”

Why are no thinkers among the 8 billion, Warren Buffet too

I am reading a thought provoking book… There it is again, the language distortion.

No, the book is triggering thinking about it, it triggered for me real thinking… not thoughts.

I stayed up three hours later than usual to have the time to think. Continue reading “Why are no thinkers among the 8 billion, Warren Buffet too”

Indulging in emotions and thoughts: unproductive

I measure this in the Starting Point Measurements. The measure is called: “To what degree you honor your emotions as reality?”

Emotions are like the hood ornament, the painted decorations, the wheel whatever shiny things on a car. They have nothing to do with where the car is going, how the car is driving, the only things that matter.

And yet, when you observe people, they hang out there, and their life passes them by. Continue reading “Indulging in emotions and thoughts: unproductive”

When having nothing to do drives you crazy… Updated

The Active Mindset: A Sure Way To Avoid All Boredom With Life 1

I stumbled on an article that addresses an issue I have been seeing… and sheds light at what has been invisible to me, at the why of it: why people are not curious, why people have no questions, why people are afraid of idleness, why people choose busyness instead of doing something that is worth doing.

It’s everywhere. It’s nearly everybody. It is why you have a hard time falling asleep… or conversely why you fall asleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow. Both are symptoms of the same invisible.

It’s what drives you to busyness… to reading everything, to watching every video, to play video games incessantly, to talking without taking a breath, to overwhelming yourself and never doing anything well.

It’s your inability to think… instead of having thoughts. You have thoughts in the mind… and would think outside of the mind. Continue reading “When having nothing to do drives you crazy… Updated”