What can you do with your negative thoughts?

What can you and what can’t you control yet you are trying to…

I am not sure where it came from. It is definitely not part of my heritage…

My hunch that it came from the Peeping Tom myth… also called Christianity. Are you hating me yet?

In that myth the guy in the sky doesn’t only judge your behavior, he also judges your thoughts. Continue reading “What can you do with your negative thoughts?”

Focus on the things you can control… but what can you?

things you can controlYou can only control what belongs to you… Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions don’t belong to you. Your actions, your attitude, what you actually heed, what you say… they do belong to you.

They are interestingly difficult to see… they are hidden from your view, overcrowded by noise.

We call these here: invisible dynamics. They are tiny machines, their behavior is predictable, manageable, and their effect on your life are detrimental. Continue reading “Focus on the things you can control… but what can you?”