What do I do when I feel like I don’t measure up to life?

Occasionally you need to go back and become a beginner in what you think you already know.

I don’t really know… I only know when I am doing it.

I have, supposedly, got good at tens of things over the decades I have been alive… But my life is showing that good is not good enough.

Maybe in some things I am masterful, but in others I am just good… or somewhat good.

And this is what is going on in my life… and maybe in yours?

So I started with the best motivator: I put a substantial (for me) amount of money on a ‘test’ of getting customers, new customers from Facebook.

The fact that I think of Facebook poorly, the fact that I think Facebook people can’t like me and what I do is immaterial.

I now have invested my money in that, and I’d better earn my money back, or say good bye to it: my opinion doesn’t matter. Continue reading “What do I do when I feel like I don’t measure up to life?”